The modern city of Cambridge was founded in 875 when the Danes conquered Eastern England. They created a fortified town called a burgh (from which we derive our word borough) on the site. Cambridge would have been surrounded by a ditch and an earth rampart probably with a wooden palisade on top.

Cambridge was originally called Granta bryg (Granta Bridge) because the river it stands on was once called the Granta not the Cam. In time the ‘Gr’ changed to a c and the ‘nt’ changed to ‘m’. People must have thought that if the town was called Cambridge then the river it stood on must be called the Cam. They began to call the river that.

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Today you can explore the river by punting from Scudamore’s Quayside Punting Station where they offer chauffeured punting tours past college gardens, plus boats including canoes and kayaks for hire (CB5 8AB).

The first colleges of Cambridge University were founded in the Middle Ages. Peterhouse was founded by the Bishop of Ely in 1284 (CB2 1RD). Clare College was founded in 1326 (CB2 1TL). Pembroke College was founded by the Earl of Pembroke’s widow, Lady Mary de Valence in 1347 (CB2 1RF), and the list goes on…

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If you are going through difficult times and are looking for a family lawyer, we have found the following local firms:

  • Cambridge Family Law Practice – 33 Parkside, Cambridge CB1 1JE
  • Davies Solicitors of Cambridge – 20 Station Rd, Cambridge CB1 2JD
  • Divorce, Mediation and Family Law – Cowley Rd, Milton, Cambridge CB4 0WS
  • Family Law Group Cambridge – 10 Milton Rd, Cambridge CB4 1JY
  • Vardags Cambridge – 1 St Mary’s Passage, Cambridge CB2 3PQ

Family and your support network

When we speak about having support, we often think about networks of people who may be able to assist us in times of trouble. Social support means not only having close friends and relatives, but a broader network of people to turn to in a time of crisis. Having a wider group to embrace will give you an expanded focus and positive self-image as you take other people’s perspectives and ideas. You will notice that you are not the only one hitting a rut in life, and maybe your issue is not as traumatic as you first thought. Communicating with others enhances life and acts as a cushion when it throws you a curved ball.

Being part of a community such as a church, mosque or school will find you united with many different types of people who you would maybe not normally consider socialising with. There are always a multitude of personalities and attitudes, even within a formal structure and if you are dealing with a problem in your life you should attempt to value as many opinions on that issue as you can; digest and take away from them what you choose. Being intelligent enough to listen to other people’s solutions to an issue, will see you exploring many different possible conclusions before moving onto the stage of dealing with the problem and moving on in your life.

Support groups can offer very powerful psychological support. You may be bereaved and seek the support of a bereavement coach in a group setting or suffering with alcoholism and want to reach out to others who know exactly what you are going through. Whatever the issue, a mixture of 1:1 support and group chat could really benefit you and give you the ideas and tools which you would not think of yourself. All social networks provide a sense of belonging, security and community. You won’t feel so alone knowing that others go through hard times too. It is reported that support from networks is literally a life-saver as those who seek solace from friends and family or member of their church or community group are less vulnerable to ill health because of the positive messages and vibes they receive from the masses.

It is really important to look at your financial situation whether you are separating, starting divorce proceedings or bereaved.

Find out what your goals are and look at what will be make you feel happy and secure.

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Divorce or separation, can be one of the most stressful life changes to have to experience and it takes its toll on both the physical and mental wellbeing of clients. By seeking advice early, making a comprehensive financial plan can help you feel more in control and give you the peace of mind you need in moving forward with your life and the strength to build new goals for your future.

Esther Lewis – Aletheia Wealth Limited – Cambridgeshire

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