Carlisle in not only the county town of Cumbria, but it is a border city in North West England. It is only 10 miles away from the Scottish border and to drive from London to Carlisle should take around 5 hours and 30 minutes, but that’s without taking in the scenery and cup-of-tea stops along the way.

Places of interest around Carlisle

The Cursing Stone – Walk through the tunnel from Carlisle Castle to Tullie House to find this rock escribed with a 15th century curse placed upon the highwaymen and robbers who plagued the area- Castle St, CA3 8TP

Carlisle Castle – Enjoy exploring the medieval rooms of this English Heritage run Castle, also home to the museum of Cumbrian Military Life- The Castle, Carlisle CA3 8UR

Carlisle Cathedral – A beautiful star-encrusted ceiling oversees a collection of medieval paintings and stained glass- 7 The Abbey, Carlisle CA3 8TZ

Carlisle The Hug Directory

Bewcastle Cross & Museum – Debate the meaning of this fine example of Anglo-Saxon stone carving at this small museum, showing the history of this boarder town- Bewcastle, Carlisle CA6, Carlisle

Carlisle Cemetery – A Commonwealth war graves cemetery, the 60 acres here commemorate over 270 service men and women- Carlisle Crematorium Dalston Road, Carlisle CA2 6AT

Bendles Solicitors LLP – “We have had a presence in Carlisle and Wigton for over 200 years and no business lasts that long without good reason”. – Portland Building, Cooper Way, Kingstown, Carlisle CA3 0JG

Cumbria Family Law – “At Cumbria Family Law we provide flexible and affordable family law services to suit your needs and budget. To discuss your requirements, call us or enquire online”.  – 24 Spencer St, Carlisle CA1 1BG

Burnetts Solicitors – “We are the only top ranked family law team in Cumbria in the Chambers and Partners legal guide. And we’re pleased to say that much of our work comes from referrals and recommendations”. – Victoria House, Wavell Dr, Rosehill Drive, Rosehill Industrial Estate, Carlisle CA1 2ST

Wragg Mark-Bell Solicitors – “Established in 2006, we have grown steadily, and continue to do so, offering our clients a professional legal service from an easily accessible office in the centre of Carlisle”. – 21 Castle St, Carlisle CA3 8SY

Are you thinking about separation or divorce because of adultery?

Infidelity in a marriage is possibly the single most damaging thing for a relationship and often leads to divorce. There are varying statistics, but it’s widely reported that 60% of Men and 40% of Women will participate in an affair within their marriage at some point. These statistics probably mean nothing if you are going through this right now as you attempt to deal with a whole variety of emotions such as feeling angry and betrayed and are left wondering why this happened to you. The biggest question people ask is in fact “why?” If their partner can’t give an honest reply, this can leave the victim confused and troubled for a very long time. 

Divorce for adultery

Adultery is often one of the main reasons for divorce. It may just be a one-off fling, or a lasting relationship which itself turns into marriage, but either will have a lasting impact on a marriage. Sometimes the affair is just an emotional one, but it can be equally as damaging.

Affairs: Is divorce the answer?

Couples dealing with an affair don’t always end up in the divorce courts. Some find it inside themselves to try and work through their emotions with a relationship coach or other therapist. It is not always the infidelity itself which leads to the divorce, but what happens when the “secret” is out. How the parties behave in the aftermath can be the most damaging. It all boils down to the reason behind why one party needed another intimate relationship in their life. Discovering the cause can sometimes lead to a couple becoming stronger together. It is possible to fix broken hearts if both parties really want to try.  Read the rest of this article here

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