Durham is a Cathedral City which lies on the River Wear to the South-West of Sunderland. It was founded over the final resting place of St Cuthbert and the cathedral and the 11th century castle which lies to the side of it were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. The castle is the home of Durham University and has been since 1932.

There are many attractions in Durham so take your time to explore museums, galleries, castles and historic houses. There is also a lot of green space and family friendly places to visit such as the Gala Theatre Durham which is based at 1 Millennium Place, Durham DH1 1WA.

The Beamish Museum is a fantastic day out with children – as it brings the past to life with the sounds, tastes and smells of a time in history. You can find it located at Regional Resource Centre, Beamish, Stanley DH9 0RG 

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If trains are your thing, then Locomotion is a must-see. It was previously known as the National Railway Museum at Shildon. It is based at Shildon. DL4 2RE – find out more here

More places to see and visit

Durham Castle– Built on the site of a Saxon fortress, some of the oldest parts of the castle date back to William the Conqueror.  It now houses a college of the university, look out for the collection of Cromwellian armour- The Castle, Palace Green, Durham DH1 3RW

Durham Cathedral– An excellent example of Romanesque architecture, Durham Cathedral boasts the Shrine of St Cuthbert- The College, Durham DH1 3EH

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The Oriental Museum– If you are interested in the art and architecture of Asia, this hidden gem is the place to visit to view precious jewels, luxurious fabrics and beautiful pottery- Durham University Elvet Hill Durham University, Durham DH1 3TH

Low Burnhall Woods– Ancient woodland has been complemented with more recent planting to create a haven for wildlife, look out for woodland sculptures and a willow miner- Low Burnhall Woods, DH3 3UA

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Durham World Heritage Site Visitor Centre– Set in an almshouse dating back to the 19th century, the centre provides information about what makes Durham worthy of the title with advice on what to see and do- 7 Owengate, Durham DH1 3HB

If you are looking for a Family Law firm in Durham we have the following three suggestions for you.

BHP Law – Aire House, Mandale Business Park, Belmont, Durham DH1 1TH. This firm also have office in Darlington, Teeside, Tynemouth, and Newcastle.

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They say “Our team is well versed in resolving arguments and executing arrangements relating to the family including finance and children. We can help at every stage of matrimonial dispute.  We boast specialists working in all areas of Family Law.  Most of the team are members of the Resolution Family Law Group, so you can have confidence that you are getting the best advice and tailored to your needs.”

Riley Langdon Solicitors – 4 City West Business Park, Saint John’s Road, Meadowfield, Durham DH7 8ER.

“As an experienced Family Law department, we can assist with various issues: from divorce to securing time with your children or grandchildren. We know that every client’s needs are different and we tailor our advice to suit you.

EMG Solicitors – Abbey House, Abbeywoods Business Park, Durham DH1 5TH.

Are you thinking about separation or divorce because of domestic abuse?

A common reason for divorce one party being abused in some way by the other party. This could be emotional or physical abuse and for the divorce court comes under the heading of “unreasonable behaviour”. Whilst the divorce proceedings trundle on through the civil court system, victims can find themselves also going through the criminal courts if the Police are involved and there is enough evidence to bring a case. 

In recent years, there has been much talk in the UK regarding the law around the subject of Domestic Abuse and divorce with draft legislation proposed by Theresa May in February 2017.  This draft was finally released in January 2019 and will now be brought to Parliament for debate. The bill sets out a statutory government definition of domestic abuse which includes controlling and manipulative behaviour. For the first time, abuse does not have to be physical or violent.

The bill will recognise economic abuse, (also known as financial abuse) which is where a partner is prevented from accessing bank accounts or employment. The victim becomes financially controlled. They may not be allowed to go out to work, or if they are employed, their wages may be paid into their partners account or they may not have access to benefits as they are given to a partner. December 2016 saw the introduction of the new law meaning that coercive or controlling behaviour is now a crime. This offence carries a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment, a fine or both.

The future

Slowly changes are being made. Escaping a domestic abuse situation leaves victims susceptible to many issues which also affect children as a parent may find themselves homeless, relying on foodbanks for daily essentials along with dealing with their mental health as they navigate the family court system against their perpetrator. Emotions run high and post separation abuse can be rife. The abuser is losing control and many say that economic abuse is the “tail” of physical abuse as the victim is out of arms reach.  Read the rest of this article here

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