The ancient city of Ely occupies the largest island in the Cambridgeshire Fens. The “Isle of Ely” is so called because it was only accessible by boat until the waterlogged Fens were drained in the 17th century. Still susceptible to flooding today, it was these watery surrounds that gave Ely its original name the ‘Isle of Eels’, a translation of the Anglo Saxon word ‘Eilig’.

Today, Ely Cathedral is a must-see attraction in the city, it is an intoxicating blend of Romanesque and Decorated Gothic Architecture that begun construction in 1080 and completed towards the end of the 14th century (CB7 4DL).

This monument owes its greatest feature to a catastrophe. In 1322 while the magnificent Lady Chapel was being built, the Norman central crossing tower collapsed. The replacement was something truly extraordinary: The Octagon is a hollow Decorated Gothic tower and a work of Medieval architectural genius.

Cathedral cities are always full of history, and Ely (about 80 miles from London) is no different. With a market town, large village atmosphere, Ely is full of surprises. You may recognise many of the beautiful old buildings as it is popular with location scouts for movies.

What to see and do in Ely

Ely Cathedral – when you visit a Cathedral town, you have to visit the Cathedral, right? Book tickets for a guided tour to learn the history of this magnificent building and the town itself. Starting life as an abbey in 672AD, the current building dates back to 1083. The status of Cathedral was given in 1109. Chapter House, The College, Ely CB7 4DL

Oliver Cromwell’s House – Dating back to 1215, the family home of this infamous Englishman is a now a museum. 29 St Mary’s St, Ely CB7 4HF

Aquafest – if it’s community sports events you’re after, then look no further than Ely’s Aquafest. It’s been running for over 40 years, so it must be good! For current information, please visit the website.

Denny Abbey and Farmland Museum – a short drive from Ely, this English Heritage* site is a great day out for all ages. There’s ruins to explore, interactive activities and a farm complete tis cafes and shops. Ely Rd, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9PQ

*English Heritage offers membership to around 400 historic places around England. Visit the website for details.

Find help in Ely

If you’re trying to navigate a relationship catastrophe perhaps these people can help change your circumstances into something great:

MCP Solicitors, 2 Three Cups Walk, Forehill, Ely, CB7 4AN:

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What happens in a divorce or dissolution?

The divorce or dissolution process formally ends a marriage or civil partnership. The law presumes that as adults and/or parents you will be able to organise the separation of the finances and children yourselves. However, if you cannot come to an agreement, then you can apply for the court to assist in resolving issues. In an amicable divorce or dissolution, a couple will use mediation, an online portal, one couple one lawyer or a solicitor to negotiate between them.

Children and Finances are seen as two separate matters and although there are obvious crossing points such as child maintenance, the cases for children and finances will run separately. This means that you could see yourself resolving issues around child arrangements while financial matters are still ongoing.

Although the process for divorce or dissolution is much the same, there are some slight differences in how things are done and the terminology used.

Make sure you get professional advice before agreeing to anything with your future ex. With emotions running high, it’s easy to make rash decisions now and have future regrets.

What is the process for getting a divorce or dissolution?

When a couple divorce, a lot depends on how amicable they can be and it is worth bearing in mind that it doesn’t matter how furiously you try and divorce you will probably end up at the same conclusion. If you cannot work things out, then the matter will have to go through the courts to decide the fairest outcome.

Other things to consider will be assets, did one party acquire theirs thorough inheritance, did one spouse have an asset before the marriage? Also taken into consideration will be whether or not there are children and their ages. If there are children, it can become irrelevant how assets were acquired if one party needs those assets to be added to “the pot” to, for example house themselves and the children.

There are many paths you can take to get to the end goal, which is for the court to formally end your divorce or civil partnership and for both parties to be able to move on with their lives. For both of these types of legally formalised relationships, the process is similar, if not the same so we’ll refer to both as “divorce”.

You need to be married for at least a year before you can start divorce proceedings. If you have not reached this point then you could apply for an annulment or opt for a legal separation, which can also be referred to as a judicial separation. Successfully getting a marriage annulled is very rare, so you might find it easier to wait it out and divorce when you reach the point of a year. The process can be slow and you may find yourself over the year mark before any annulment anyway.

Take financial advice at the beginning of the process – know what you are aiming for

esther financial advisor from cambridgeshire

Esther Lewis- Aletheia Wealth Limited, “Divorce or separation, can be one of the most stressful life changes to have to experience and it takes its toll on both the physical and mental wellbeing of clients. By seeking advice early, making a comprehensive financial plan can help you feel more in control and give you the peace of mind you need in moving forward with your life and the strength to build new goals for your future.”

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