Located on the River Clyde in the Scottish Western Lowlands, Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city.  It has a wealth of architecture from the medieval times to the striking buildings of its Victorian era.  Designated as a UNESCO City of Music for its legendary music scene, you will find Glasgow is equally rich in art and culture.

Don’t forget the football, with rival teams at the heart of football in the city. Visit Rangers F C at 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD and Celtic F C at Celtic Park, Glasgow G40 3RE

What to see and do in Glasgow:

The Finnieston Crane – is a disused giant cantilever crane in the city centre on the River Clyde.  It serves as a reminder of Glasgow’s shipyard past as one of the most powerful and important industrial cities in the world.  Impossible to miss! G51 1BQ

Glasgow Cathedral & The Necropolis – a spectacular example of Scottish gothic architecture recognised for its stunning stained glass windows and 13th century crypt. Castle St, G4 0QZ .  Just a short walk along Castle Street to the east of the cathedral leads to The Necropolis, an atmospheric Victorian cemetery.  There are around 3500 monuments to view here. G4 0UZ.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum – has 22 galleries displaying around 8000 objects from natural history, armoury, art from many movements and much more.  One of the most famous paintings being a Salvador Dali masterpiece and be sure to view examples of the works of Glasgow’s famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  A delight for children and adults alike.  Argyle St, Glasgow, G3 8AG

Glasgow is an eclectic city in Scotland find help and support thorugh divorce

How to kick your life back into shape

The Clydeside Distillery – a Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery offering educational tours starting with the birth of Glasgow’s whisky industry and ending with the essential tasting of this iconic spirit.  100 Stobcross Rd, Glasgow, G3 8QQ

Glasgow Botanic Gardens – missing nature? Then venture to the heart of Glasgow’s West End by the River Kelvin and you’ll be instantly transported into peaceful greenery.  Enjoy the park area or escape into the wonderful Kibble Palace. 730 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 0UE

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If you are looking for family law support around Glasgow, we have found the following firms:

Thompson Family Law – Suite 200, Central Chambers, 93 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6LD

Jones Whyte Law – 59 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 2DH

Family Law Matters Scotland – Carlton Buildings 63 Carlton Place, G5 9TW

M T M Family Law – 91 Mitchell Street, Glasgow G1 3LN

AJ Gordon & Co – St Georges Building, 5 St Vincent Place, Glasgow G1 2DH

Family Law Glasgow – 90 Mitchell St, Glasgow G1 3NQ

Simplicity Family Law – 11 James Morrison Street, Glasgow G1 5PE

Irwin Mitchell – 150 St Vincent Street, G2 5NE

Harper Macleod LLP – The Ca’d’oro, 45 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3PE

Miller Samuel Hill Brown Solicitors – R W F House, 5 Renfield Street, Glasgow G2 5EZ

Neil Kilcoyne & Co. Solicitors – 345 Victoria Rd, G42 7SA

Getting divorced in Scotland?

Starting over and the importance of financial planning

Starting over after a turbulent period in your life is not easy. You may have chosen the road you are on or, it may have been forced upon you. We are talking about financial planning as it’s something many people see as complicated when they are already going through a turbulent time in their life. Their mental bandwidth can’t take this added complication and often, finances are left neglected.

Whatever happened, the past is the past and eventually you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move on. You have to open your eyes and be conscious that you are alive; take your head out of the sand.

Why you should get a financial planner as you divorce

Picking up the pieces is key. You have to take what’s left, even if it’s very little and rebuild what you can and financial planning is key. You may have nothing so, what then? Speak to an expert and come up with a plan. There is always something you can do; no one is saying it will be easy.

What is financial planning?

You may have come out of a divorce with a settlement or a house, or you may have left with nothing. Look at what you do have and make it work for you. If you have come out with something substantial it is worth speaking to a financial advisor to see how you can best nurture it. You have to consider the future and look after what you have, ensuring that you don’t lose the lot! 

How will divorce affect my child?

Divorce can have profound impacts on children or young adults. Whether you are divorcing with a toddler, 1, 2 or 3 kids it’s unlikely to be easy for you or them. Key questions such as who keeps the house (or whether you sell it and move) and how amicable the split is become more complicated once children are involved.

How to keep your children happy during divorce

Should we stay together for the kids?

This is the question some parents find crosses their mind as their marriage comes to an end. Others realise that divorce or permanent separation is the only solution. 

As proceedings kick-in, whether you are dealing with a vexatious litigant or are able to calmly hit the mediators’ office, all parents have worries including living arrangements, child custody plans and how the children will deal with the divorce.

How will I deal with the children and the divorce in Glasgow

Mums and Dads who experienced a childhood where their own parents were together can feel that they are letting their own offspring down. They can feel that they have failed as parents. Research says that all children deal with divorce in different ways, but for sure, as it is for adults, the first year is extremely difficult as everyone is forced to adjust to a new way of living. Some children bounce back quicker than others. Read more on this subject

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