Isle of Wight

In less than an hour’s ferry journey across the Solent from Hampshire, you’ll arrive in the Isle of Wight in the English Channel.  Said to be the sunniest place in the UK with its microclimate, long sandy beaches and bustling resorts it has been the beloved home of many poets and is said to have inspired Lewis Carroll to write the fairytale, Alice in Wonderland. 

The island extends 22.5 miles west to east and 13.5 miles north to south, its largest town is the coastal town of Ryde although the capital is Newport.  One of its most important exports is garlic and it hosts the famous Isle of Wight festival each year as well as Cowes Week, the oldest regatta in the world.

Places to see and visit on the Isle of Wight

The Needles – the iconic trio of chalk spikes stand at 30 metres high next to Alum Bay.  A lone nineteenth century red and white striped lighthouse stands guard to the Needles. Take a boat trip around the Needles or take a chairlift for aerial views and a quick route down to Alum Bay beach. (PO39 0JD)

Osbourne House – former summer home and retreat of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Osbourne House has a beautifully ornate and opulent interior. (PO32 6JX)

St Catherine’s Lighthouse – also known as the Pepperpot, it one of the highest points to see spectacular views of the island and beyond. (PO38 2NE)

Shanklin & Sandown –  on the east of the island, both have excellent sandy beaches and offer the best beaches for families. Sandown has an excellent playground and some indoor entertainment for younger children while Shanklin has some watersports for the more adventurous along with amusements and crazy golf courses.

Isle of Wight Coastal Path – choose just a section of this stunningly scenic coastal footpath or aim to walk the entire path of approximately 70 miles over a few days.

Carisbrooke Castle – stands in the heart of the Isle of Wight and has been an artillery fortress, a king’s prison and a royal summer residence.  Nowadays, enjoy wandering around the castle with its panoramic views, stroll through the peaceful gardens and be sure to visit the donkeys. (PO30 1XY)

Blackgang Chine – the ‘Land of Imagination’ is the UK’s oldest theme park. Established in the 1840s, you can now step into the exciting world of dinosaurs, lose yourself in the magical Fairyland, be pirate in Pirate Cove and many other adventures! (PO38 2HN)

Family law firms on the isle of wight

Are you looking for support with a family law matter on the Isle of Wight? We have found the following firms

Roach Pittis, 60-66 Lugley Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5EU – “For almost 150 years, Roach Pittis has been serving clients with first class, practical legal advice. Today the firm has seven directors and employs around 35 staff, including 14 lawyers. We are able to respond to clients’ needs with prompt, clear advice based on a thorough understanding of their circumstances and needs.”

Michael Spoors Solicitors, 118A High Street, Newport PO30 1TP – “I have formed Michael Spoors Solicitors to meet the specific demand, here on the Isle of Wight, for a specialist Family Law firm; a firm that understands the complexities of this rapidly changing area of the law and can advise and support clients through this highly sensitive field of relationship breakdown. I have worked in this area of law for more than ten years and it has long been my opinion that clients need specialist advice and support to cope with the very particular issues that arise at this testing time.”

Eldridges Solicitors, 36-37 St. James Street, Newport PO30 1LF “Eldridges’ experienced family law solicitors will always provide a caring and sympathetic approach. The emphasis is placed on mediation and conciliation, avoiding acrimony whenever and wherever possible, so that stress and legal costs for our clients are minimised.”

How to get through the difficult times…

Being able to visualise some kind of future is crucial; getting out and about, communicating with people, going to the gym or even just popping into the pub for a swift-half to have a moan about things with friends is important. If you are feeling low, pop into The Group Hug forum and you will soon see that you are not alone. Thousands of people are dealing with the stresses and strains of things life has thrown at them. The key is to find the method which is right for you to move into your new life.

So, after separation and or divorce, what actually is next? Whether you are able to help yourself mentally or need a little intervention with a therapist, be that hypnotherapy, bowl chanting, counselling or coaching, life has to move on and it is a time to recognise and cease opportunities which may come your way. 

Maybe you will meet an absolutely amazing new partner and realise that what you had in your marriage wasn’t half as good as what you have now.  It could be that you couldn’t afford to live where you lived when you were married and have had to move; but now you have a new job with better prospects and because you are living in a cheaper area you have more disposable income for holidays? Maybe you very reluctantly opted for 50:50 childcare but are now happy to be a great role model for your kids and are earning an absolute fortune in your business; You are happy and have more time to dedicate to business growth. 

It could be anything. “What’s next” can be a very scary place to be, but at some point, everyone has to face the fact that life is happening. Push open the door to your new life.

Don’t forget estate planning when you are looking at a new future…

Ally Ilott of Heritage Estate Planning features in The Hug Directory

“Our comprehensive estate planning service is tailored to our clients, with professional and high-quality advice that offers you complete assurance and peace of mind.”

Ally Ilott of Heritage Estate Planning

Many people believe that it is only important to look at your will after divorce. That is simply not true. When embarking on a separation or divorce it is vital that you speak to an expert to consider what could happen to your assets “during” the divorce process, should anything happen

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