Things to do in Kendal

Kendal Museum- Loose yourself in the fascinating collections of archaeology, history and geology at this natural history museum founded in 1796- Station Road, Kendal LA9 6BT

The Lake District National Park- Stock up on Kendal Mint Cake and explore all the stunning scenery that the Lakes have to offer.

Abbot Hall Art Gallery- Located in the centre of Kendal, enjoy both the permanent displays by Cumbrian artist George Romney, and the regular contemporary exhibitions- Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AL

heartbreak in Kendal

Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry-explore a typical Victorian farmer’s home and discover how the Lake District’s past shaped its future- Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AL

The Lakeland Climbing Centre- In inclement weather you can still get an adrenaline buzz climbing at this award winning indoor climbing wall- Unit 27 Lake District Business Park Mint Bridge Road Lake District Business Park, Kendal LA9 6NH

Do you need to speak to an expert family solicitor in Kendal?

Holdens Solicitors – Grosvenor House, Stramongate, Kendal LA9 4BD

Temple Heelis Solicitors – 1 Kent View, Kendal, LA9 4DZ

Harrison Drury – Bridge Mills, Stramongate, Kendal, LA9 4BD

Clarkson Hurst Solicitors – 35A Stricklandgate, Kendal LA9 4LT

Laker Legal Solicitors – Friends Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal LA9 4BH

Thomas Wilson Pattison – 114-116 Stricklandgate, Kendal LA9 4QA

Consider your finances

Starting over after a turbulent period in your life is not easy. You may have chosen the road you are on or, it may have been forced upon you. We are talking about financial planning as it’s something many people see as complicated when they are already going through a turbulent time in their life. Their mental bandwidth can’t take this added complication and often, finances are left neglected.

Why you should get a financial planner as you divorce

Whatever happened, the past is the past and eventually you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move on. You have to open your eyes and be conscious that you are alive; take your head out of the sand.

Picking up the pieces is key. You have to take what’s left, even if it’s very little and rebuild what you can and financial planning is key. You may have nothing so, what then? Speak to an expert and come up with a plan. There is always something you can do; no one is saying it will be easy.

What is financial planning?

You may have come out of a divorce with a settlement or a house, or you may have left with nothing. Look at what you do have and make it work for you. If you have come out with something substantial it is worth speaking to a financial advisor to see how you can best nurture it. You have to consider the future and look after what you have, ensuring that you don’t lose the lot! 

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