On the bank of the River Tees, Middlesbrough is a large town in North East England, offering residents and visitors a variety of things to see and do.

Things to see and do in Middlesbrough

Riverside Stadium – home to the Middlesbrough Football Club. Book a tour and stand in the players dressing room, walk onto the famous pitch and more. (Postcode: TS3 6RS)

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Captain Cook Birthplace and Museum – for anyone who has relatives in Australia, or has visited Australia, you know how far away the beautiful country is. Now, step back a couple of centuries and learn about the man who captained the ship of discovery.  (Postcode: TS7 8AT)

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Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art – One of the UK’s leading modern art galleries is here, in Yorkshire. With strong ties to Teesside University, MIMA has a lot to offer the local and tourist communities.

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Jamia Masjid Al-Madina Mosque – Book a guided tour and take time to learn more about this ancient religion. (Postcode: TS1 3JB)

Whitby Abbey – take a short drive to the coast and visit the ruins of this Benedictine Abbey, dating back to 657.  (Postcode: YO22 4JT)

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Paul J Watson Solicitor – “Paul J Watson Solicitors in Middlesbrough is a specialist in Driving, Divorce, Criminal and Family Law. We are highly recommended by our clients for being supportive, sensitive and robust”- 116 Borough Rd, Middlesbrough TS1 2ES

Watson Woodhouse Solicitors Middlesbrough – “Watson Woodhouse Solicitors are the leading solicitors in Teesside, Durham and North Yorkshire” – York House, 102-108 Borough Rd, Middlesbrough TS1 2HJ

Macks Solicitors –“We’re friendly and approachable and committed to providing common-sense advice that is both professional and affordable”. – 4 Woodlands Rd, Middlesbrough TS1 3BE

McGee McGee Agar Law Ltd- “Local Solicitors for Teesside, all of our Partners were raised in Teesside.  At McGee McGee Agar Law we specialise in the areas that matter to our local community.  We are here to help.  Rated Best Solicitors in Middlesbrough”. 20 Baker St, Middlesbrough TS1 2LH

Separation and Divorce

Aside from pending divorce proceedings and everything which comes with that; lawyers, the family court, where are the kids going to live? What about the separation itself? There are a whole host of emotions around separating from a partner. You may have been with your partner for just a couple of years or twenty. The feelings will be much the same. 

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A sense of relief can be the first feeling when it is accepted that a couple are well and truly done. It could be that one party has been abusive so the victim is relieved that the other person is moving on or maybe a spouse has had an extramarital affair and has been seeking forgiveness that their partner cannot bring themselves to give. Whatever the reasons for the break-up, there is often the momentary and pleasurable feeling of closure. 

Emotions running high

I want to change my child’s name

However, anyone who has been through a separation and divorce knows that this relief doesn’t last for long as there is always so much to sort out, especially if you have children, a home, pets etc.…  Couples soon realise that they are not just breaking up from each other. Their lives have been entangled in many ways and it is more of an “uncoupling” task which takes hold. 

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There are in-laws. It may be that everyone used to get along brilliantly but with the divorce things have become very tricky. A brother-in-law may have been like a best friend but now he feels that blood is thicker than water and he should support his sister. Parents more often than not will take the side of their adult child as they feel it is their duty to support their own. Shock waves run through to the very core of what used to be, as progress in the untying of the knot starts to happen. Read the rest of this article here

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