Newport is a market town in Shropshire, England. It has amazing countryside, great commuter links and a thriving nightlife. The town is a regular Britain in Bloom finalist. 

What to see and do in Newport

  • Aqualate Mere – just 3km from Newport, this lake is the largest natural lake in the English Midlands. It sits in the grounds of an impressive country house and is a very popular spot for walking, running and hiking. Beautiful scenery and an area full of important wildlife, including otters and water voles – Staffordshire, ST20 0PN
newport has lots of support available in the west midlands
  • Lilleshall Abbey – an Augustinian Abbey founded between 1145 and 1148. If you love history, this is definitely worth a visit. Much of the church still remains and is set in beautiful surroundings, a perfect place for a picnic – Abbey Road, Lilleshall, TF10 9HW
  • Shropshire Climbing Centre – a state of the art roped climbing facility and the largest bouldering venue in the area. There is something for everyone, whether you are an expert climber, or you have never climbed before. A very popular attraction with both adults and children, with an impressive variety of climbing activities. There is also a cafe and a toddlers soft play – Newport, TF10 7EZ
  • St. Nicholas Church – this stunning church sits in the middle of Newport High Street and really is at the heart of the community. Beautiful stained glass windows and a serene atmosphere inside. This is the perfect place to visit after a busy day of shopping – High Street, TF10 7AY

Are you looking for Family Law support around Newport? We have found the following:

Terry Jones Solicitors, 54 Upper Bar, Newport, TF10 7EJ

Clarkes Solicitors – 21, High Street, Newport, TF10 7AT

Wellness and Dating in Newport

So, you find yourself back on the shelf. You are dating again. You are ready to meet someone new and share your life. Dating has always had its challenges; just read Romeo and Juliet. All the best novels have an element of searching for love. For most, who we meet is now down to an algorithm. We enter the data and an app creates our potential mate. We swipe left or we swipe right and it’s as simple as that.

Over the last few years dating has taken a huge turn. It was only around 10 years ago that those looking for love would have scoured the newspaper personal columns. With the introduction of smart phones and apps came online dating in the form of Tinder, Bumble and eHarmony. They all profess to be different, but most people on the dating scene say they sign up to several apps to widen the search, only to find the same people across all of them.

The ten signs that your mature relationship is working

Of course, you could try an agency for a more professional solution to your problem. For a fee, an expert will do the searching for you; matching you to several ideal candidates. Many turn to this method after epic fails with the online scene. 

One thing’s for sure, dating is huge business and the numerous TV dating shows just prove this; celebrity dating, meet a date in a restaurant and there is even a nude dating show where men and women choose their ideal partner by assessing whether they are attracted to their private parts before they see their face or get the opportunity to speak to them. Crazy.

What do you expect and what can be expected?

Are you looking for love or just sex or a combination of both? Whichever it is, it can play havoc with your mental health and wellbeing. The whole procedure can turn into a second job, rewriting your profile, changing your photos.  How do you stay sane through this? Men and women are desperate to find a special connection, but over and over again we hear stories of how hard it is.

It does happen though and there are many who find online dating a success and move on to live their happily ever after. People fall in love all the time but you need to be resilient.

Many people go on a date and end up making new platonic friends. It is really important to not make a big deal of “finding love” per se. Increasing your bank of friends is always a good thing, especially if you are through a tricky relationship breakdown. It is actually quite likely that you do make some good friends along the way as you may have a lot in common with many people.

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