Ramsgate is a seaside town in east Kent, England. It is situated just 35 miles from the French coast and is home to the only Royal harbour in the UK. The waterfront is a vibrant place, with lots of restaurants and stunning views, making it a very popular destination for tourists.

Things to see and do in Ramsgate include

  • Ramsgate Tunnels – this abandoned network of tunnels lies beneath Ramsgate. The tunnels extend for over 3 miles around the town and were constructed back in 1939 as part of the towns air raid precautions. A totally unique experience, learn all about the history and purpose of the tunnels and then head off to explore this underground city. There is also a café available for refreshments – Marina Esplanade, CT11 8FH
  • Ramsgate Main Sands – no visit to Ramsgate is complete without a trip to this gorgeous long stretch of sandy beach. Situated right next to Ramsgate’s famous Royal Harbour, the beach has many attractions including children’s arcades, deckchair hire and popular restaurants – Marina Esplanade, CT11 8FH
  • Ramsgate Maritime Museum – situated in the Clock House on the quayside at Ramsgate Harbour. Four galleries of exhibits displaying the fascinating maritime history of the area. Now with a fifth gallery that hosts exhibitions displaying different local artists work – Pier Yard, Royal Harbour, CT11 8LS
  • Monkton Nature Reserve – explore this 16 acre wildlife haven. Situated on a former chalk quarry, the reserve is now home to an array of flora and fauna including 25 species of butterflies, over 350 species of flowering plant and even common lizards. There are a number of signposted trails laid out to show visitors all the different habitats. Also home to the UK’s first artificial bat cave! – Canterbury Road, CT12 4LH
  • The Micro Museum – an impressive collection of vintage computers and video games, amassed over more than 45 years. Learn all about the history of computing and videogaming and then enjoy playing retro games on their original consoles. Great fun for children and adults! – Church Hill, CT11 8RA
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Taking advantage of a counsellor in a time of grief, is far from being a sign of weakness. In fact, it shows strength. Bereavement Counselling is a specialised type of counselling which is designed to support those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Counselling sessions help them to work through their grief and deal with it, rather than trying to cover up feelings and emotions. It can also give them the tools and mechanisms to cope when they are alone. This type of counselling is recommended for any age group especially where the life of the one who is suffering the loss, is being adversely affected by grief.

How counselling helped me to grieve for my parents

It is vital that the reason for grief is understood. Grief is often thought of or described as a type of very heavy sadness; this is not entirely true. It can involve a process of going through many different emotions and reactions starting with shock and numbness as the mind goes into overdrive trying to process what has happened. Following on from this comes, anger, sadness and anxiety. It can take days, weeks months or even years for someone to go through this cycle of feelings and it is normal to experience one host of emotions for the loss of one person and a completely different set with a different loss.  There is no “normal” set rules to the grief process and it is important to recognise that if the emotional response is affecting a person’s day to day life in terms of education, employment or relationships with others, then it might be time to consult a counsellor. Read the rest of this article

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