Rochester is a town in Kent, England. It is situated roughly 30 miles away from London. It is an ancient fortress town, steeped in history. Rochester boasts both a cathedral and a castle and is also featured heavily in the works of author Charles Dickens, who spent much of his childhood living in the town.

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Things to see and do in Rochester include

  • Rochester Cathedral – standing since 604 AD, Rochester is the second oldest cathedral in England. It is home to the Textus Roffensis, which is the only existing copy of the first code of English law.  Visit the cathedral and learn all about its fascinating history, see the beautiful architecture and gardens or find a quiet spot to sit and reflect – The Precinct, ME1 1SX

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  • Rochester Castle – just a ten minute walk along the High Street. Originally built in the 1080’s to guard a strategic crossing on the River Medway, the castle has a very interesting history which includes sieges, destruction and rebuilding. Today the Norman fortress is a very popular place to visit and the beautiful grounds are the perfect place for a relaxing picnic – Castle Hill, ME1 1SW
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Whatever you may be going through, getting a financial planner is really important!

Divorced, separated, widowed or going into another relationship; finances are important. However, boring the prospect may be, if you are starting a new chapter in your life, you need to get your finances in some kind of order. This is not only to protect yourself and your family for things which could happen in the future, but to give you the peace of mind that you have done everything you can to take control of your life once more. 

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There are a number of general financial planning principles which a good advisor will follow to assess what you need. Long gone are the days of “mis-selling” products which you really didn’t need. (Think of PPI).

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If you have children, you probably want to put something in place to protect them in the future too. Whatever income you have, it’s all about using every penny wisely. 

You could be in your 30’s or 60’s – it’s irrelevant; it’s always worth speaking to someone in the know, to ensure you are making good use of the funds available to you. Get a divorce financial planner. Read the rest of this article

One of the first things a divorce financial planner will assess is your needs and aspirations for the future.

  • When do you plan to retire? 
  • Do you have any pensions? 
  • Do you want to own your home? Where do you want to live?
  • Do you want your children to be privately educated?
  • What do you want your lifestyle to look like?

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  • Playopolis Board Game Café – an independent board game café and bar in the heart of the town. With over 600 games available for ages 2 and up, there is something fun for everyone. New games and old favourites can be found. A great place for both couples and families and the food is excellent –  2 Star Hill, ME1 1UX
  • Esplanade Gardens – beautiful well-maintained gardens along the river, with colourful flowers, plenty of benches and good children’s play areas. A picturesque spot for a walk or a picnic, the park overlooks the river and has views of stunning Rochester Castle – Medway, ME1 1QA

Have you thought about Estate Planning? What do you want to happen to your estate when you die? Make a plan to leave what you want to those that you love….

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Having an up to date will in place is vital in ensuring control over your money, property and possessions and their distribution after your death and that your loved ones are properly cared for. 
Helen Davies – Heritage Estate Planning

Are you looking for family law advice around Rochester in Kent? We have found the following firms the area

Paula Tanner – Tiger Law

Elaine Flynn – Arthurs Solicitors

If you are looking to mediate, consider contacting Derek Mason of The London Mediation Service

Don’t be afraid to seek help from a counsellor or coach when you are going through a difficult time..

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