Rotherham is a large town in South Yorkshire, England. It is well known for traditionally being a coal mining town and has evolved into a fast growing economy. Rotherham has a lovely country side, three country parks, woodlands, rivers and magnificent properties such as Wentworth House.

Things to do in Rotherham

Magna Science Adventure Centre – is a great educational place to take your family too. There are four pavilions where you can explore the elements, earth, air, fire and water. The children can have fun launching rockets and firing water canons. Magna Way, Templeborough, Rotherham S60 1FD

Wentworth Woodhouse – one of the largest country houses in Europe and it is open for tours of the property/garden. The tour tells the historical story about the estate. Wentworth, Rotherham S62 7TQ.

Clifton Park Museum – Highlights the history of Rotherham Clifton. Ln, Rotherham S65 2AA

Do you need guidance in Rotherham?

Rotherham family law firms:

  • Arthur Jackson & Co – Ash Mt, 4, Doncaster Gate, Rotherham, S65 1DQ
  • Howells Solicitors – 18-20 Ship Hill, Rotherham, S60 2HG

You’ve arrived at the point where you need go through the process of dissolution or divorce.

You may have been milling things over for months or evenyears. Alternatively, you may be in shock because something has happened to lead you to want to separate or divorce. This event could be discovering that your partner is having an affair, suffering from a form of domestic abuse or meeting someone new yourself. Maybe you don’t want a divorce or dissolution. On the other-hand, you could both feel that there is just no reason to carry on. Whatever the circumstances, it’s over.

There are many reasons why people decide that they want to separate or divorce from their partner. For some couples, there may be no particular reason for a couple to drift apart. Maybe you have been told by your partner that they want to separate or divorce YOU. The scenarios for relationships ending are almost infinite.

Make a plan

Whatever the circumstances in which you have found yourself teetering on the edge of uncoupling, the same things apply; you need to have a plan. There are many strands to a partnership and you need to find the best way to untie the knot.

Whatever you do, don’t stick your head in the sand.

Pretending it’s not happening may, in years to come lead you to wish that you had been more assertive. However hard it may be, there are resources available to you, regardless of your financial situation. You may find yourself one of the many getting a divorce acting for themselves as a “litigant in person”.

You can find help

The thing is not to panic. There are thousands of people who have been through this process and there will be thousands more. When things seem really tough, you must set yourself a goal and believe that they can only get better. You may end up in a different house, changing your career, or living with less money. Whatever happens, from now on you have to be adaptable and create positives. Here at The Group Hug, you can find support from others by chatting in our safe forum. You will also find informative blog posts from experts.

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