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Way before St Albans was the cathedral city in Hertfordshire it is now, Verulamium was the third largest city in Roman Britain. You might not be able to appreciate the scale of what it was, but a walk through the city and Verulamium Park is a must for anyone with an interest in history (AL1 3JE). With over 100 acres to explore, Verulamium Park also has a museum which displays hundreds of remarkable objects that have been excavated from the ground (AL3 4SW).

One of the most noticeable artefacts from the Roman era is the Roman theatre just off Verulamium Park (AL3 6AE). What you might not know is that there’s a claim it’s the only theatre of its type in the UK. While there are other ancient theatres, most are amphitheatres, rather than with a raised stage.

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Things to do and places to visit in St Albans

St Albans Cathedral– Visit the oldest site of continuous worship in Britain, and glimpse a rare watching loft- Sumpter Yard, St Albans

Heartwood Forest– Follow one of the well-marked paths and learn more about local wildlife at the many information boards- High Street Sandridge, St Albans AL4 9DQ

Verulamium Museum- Based on the site of a significant Roman city, explore Roman life in the re-created rooms and admire the beautiful mosaics displayed- St. Michaels Street, St Albans AL3 4SW

Redbournbury Watermill and Bakery– This 18th century watermill still produces the flour used to make their artisan loaves- Redbournbury Lane, Redbourn Road, St Albans AL3 6RS

De Havilland Aircraft Museum– Enjoy getting close to some of the finest British made aircraft- Salisbury Hall, London Colney, St Albans AL2 1BU

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Counselling and Coaching

A counsellor or coach is not there to wipe away your tears. They are trained to give you the time to consciously think about things which will help you to move yourself forward in life. They are armed with empathy. There is a big difference between that and the sympathy that those around you can offer.

One of the first steps towards recovery is to understand what went wrong. It is easy to morph into victim mode: What did I do wrong? How could they do this to me? Was it my fault? This in turn can result in blaming others for what happened. All this does is to slam the door shut on any chance of recovery. Thoughts become bitter and twisted.

A professional will help you to focus on the things the relationship was missing for both you and your ex, removing the pointless blame element. Counselling is not easy as it’s a time to face up to the truth, but by encouraging you to digest the difficult and sometimes upsetting answers, you can start the process of recovery.

For divorce coaching our Hug Directory member Polly Bloom of Polly Bloom Divorce & Separation Coaching says:

‘I am passionately committed to helping you find ways to over come the pain, so that you can let go of your ex and move forward with your life.’

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It is really important to look at your financial situation whether you are separating, starting divorce proceedings or bereaved.

Find out what your goals are and look at what will be make you feel happy and secure.

Whether you have money or not, what you are striving for is probably financial stability and a new life. Whether you are buying a home or renting, things have changed. Many people are opting to rent these days, so don’t think you are a failure if you don’t own your own home.  Who knows what the future holds? Life is full of surprises. You don’t know if you will meet a new partner, or win the lottery. Live in the now, but plan for the future.

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Divorce or separation, can be one of the most stressful life changes to have to experience and it takes its toll on both the physical and mental wellbeing of clients. By seeking advice early, making a comprehensive financial plan can help you feel more in control and give you the peace of mind you need in moving forward with your life and the strength to build new goals for your future.

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