St Helens

St Helens in a large town in Merseyside, about 14.5 miles from Liverpool. With a history steeped in the industrial revolution, it is a great place to live and visit. The people of St Helens are very proud of the fact that England’s fist canal is here. Glass making is also something the people of the area are very proud of. Guess where the worlds first passenger railway is found?

What to see and do in St Helens

The World of Glass – the name says it all really. Pilkington is famous the world over for glass manufacturing, and it all started here, in St Helens in 1887 by William Windle Pilkington. Chalon Way E, Saint Helens WA10 1BX

St Helens in Merseyside is not far from liverpool
St Helens, UK

Carr Mill Dam – Water used as power dates back 400 years at this place. Nowadays, it’s a magnet for water sports enthusiasts and people who enjoy fishing. There’s lots of walking trails (take your wellies as it’s always muddy) and a cafe. Saint Helens WA11 7NA

Inglenook Farm – the aroma of chamomile and lavender waft through the air as you approach the Farm. See how these beautiful flowers are distilled into essential oils, enjoy a meal at the cafe and take your camera. The little ones will enjoy the farm animals. Moss Nook Ln, Rainford, Saint Helens WA11 8AE

St Helens R F C – how can you come here and not visit the home of one of countries most popular rugby league teams. Check the website during the season for home games. Totally Wicked Stadium, McManus Drive, St Helens, Merseyside, WA9 3AL

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Divorce and splitting assets

Everyone has to move forwards and it could be that the family home has to be sold to create two new separate homes. House buying and selling is stressful enough, but add that to a separation and blood pressure levels are likely to go through the roof! All parties are anxious and afraid about how the future is going to pan out. Assets have to be split; furniture, family heirlooms. Everything right down to who is going to have the cutlery. 

See The Group Hug in the media

It’s an extremely tough period in even the most resilient person’s life; it is certainly not weak to ask for professional help if required. In fact, maybe everyone should get counselling or coaching through this most horrendous time, to keep their feet on the ground. Tempers are frayed and small issues can become ginormous.

How will divorce affect my child?

Divorce can have profound impacts on children or young adults. Whether you are divorcing with a toddler, 1, 2 or 3 kids it’s unlikely to be easy for you or them. Key questions such as who keeps the house (or whether you sell it and move) and how amicable the split is become more complicated once children are involved.

Should we stay together for the kids?

This is the question some parents find crosses their mind as their marriage comes to an end. Others realise that divorce or permanent separation is the only solution. 

As proceedings kick-in, whether you are dealing with a vexatious litigant or are able to calmly hit the mediators’ office, all parents have worries including living arrangements, child custody plans and how the children will deal with the divorce.

The Top Ten financial mistakes women make in divorce

How will I deal with the children and the divorce?

Mums and Dads who experienced a childhood where their own parents were together can feel that they are letting their own offspring down. They can feel that they have failed as parents. Research says that all children deal with divorce in different ways, but for sure, as it is for adults, the first year is extremely difficult as everyone is forced to adjust to a new way of living. Some children bounce back quicker than others.

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