Part of the reason for Sudbury’s historic wealth relates to its location – near to the coast for shipping wool exports via the River Stour, and near to London & Colchester for domestic transport. The town dates back to Saxon times and Sudbury is only fifteen miles from Colchester and has good road and rail links with the rest of the UK, especially London.

There are a wide variety of shops on offer in this Suffolk market town, and the area around North Street is particularly popular (CO10 1JG). If some of the streets look familiar then it is possible you have spotted them on one of the television programmes that have been filmed here. The most famous series is probably ‘Lovejoy’.

As you pass by St Peter’s Church look out for the drinking trough by the side of the building (CO10 2EH). This is where the ‘101 Dalmations’ reportedly stopped for a drink as they raced through Suffolk and away from Cruella De Ville.

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Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury and was baptised on 14th May 1727. He was best known for his Landscape and Portrait painting and his father was a weaver and maker of woolen goods. Thomas spent his childhood in what is now Gainsborough’s House – which is now a museum dedicated to his life and art.

To forgive your partner and forget.. that is the question!?

If you enjoy walking, then a stroll through Sudbury Water Meadows will be just for you. Walk among grazing cattles and swans on the river. The meadows form part of the Gainsborough Trail. Find it around the area of Melford Road, Babergh District CO10 1JT

Find advice and support thorugh lifes changes in Sudbury

Sudbury Hall

If life isn’t a leisurely stroll right now and you are in need of help from a family solicitor, we found the following firms in the area.

The Essex Hug Directory

  • Holmes & Hills Solicitors – 96 North St, Sudbury CO10 1RF. They have 6 offices across East Anglia “Whether you are looking to end a long-term relationship, or are beginning a new one, both you and your spouse will have your own individual finances, assets and family interests, as well as those that you both share”
  • Bates Wells & Braithwaite – 27 Friars St, Sudbury CO10 2AD

You’ve arrived at the point where you need go through the process of dissolution or divorce. What next?

You may have been milling things over for months or even years. Alternatively, you may be in shock because something has happened to lead you to want to separate or divorce. This event could be discovering that your partner is having an affair, suffering from a form of domestic abuse or meeting someone new yourself. Maybe you don’t want a divorce or dissolution. On the other-hand, you could both feel that there is just no reason to carry on. Whatever the circumstances, it’s over.

The Suffolk Hug Directory

There are many reasons why people decide that they want to separate or divorce from their partner. For some couples, there may be no particular reason for them to drift apart. Maybe you have been told by your partner that they want to separate or divorce YOU. The scenarios for relationships ending are almost infinite.

Make a plan

Whatever the circumstances in which you have found yourself teetering on the edge of uncoupling, the same things apply; you need to have a plan. There are many strands to a partnership and you need to find the best way to untie the knot.

Whatever you do, don’t stick your head in the sand.

Pretending it’s not happening may, in years to come lead you to wish that you had been more assertive. However hard it may be, there are resources available to you, regardless of your financial situation. You may find yourself one of the many getting a divorce acting for themselves as a “litigant in person”. Read the rest of this extensive article.

It is really important to think about financial planning before and at least during the divorce or separation process. We have found the following local financial advisers.

  • Gracechurch Financial Services – 27 Friars Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2AD “Gracechurch Financial Services are Independent Financial Advisers based in Sudbury, Suffolk and offer advice on Pensions, Life Insurance, Sickness Cover and Investment. This independence means that we select the best option for our clients from the hundreds of institutions that make up the Financial Services Market. Our advice can be paid for by fees or adviser charges.”
  • Bright Financial Planning – 58. Station Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2SP – An Associate Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management
  • True Potential – Unit 4 Stour Valley Business Centre, Sudbury, Suffolk,CO10 7GB “We are Independent Financial Advisers offering a professional service that is differentiated in today’s cluttered market.”
  • Trust Financial Solutions – Mortgages and Insurances – “Trust Financial Solutions is a small UK company based in Sudbury near Colchester in Essex that focuses on providing jargon-free mortgage advice, and expert advice on protection insurance available from a panel of well-known insurers.” – South Suffolk Business Centre, Alexandra Road, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2ZX

Polly Bloom Divorce Coaching in Essex

Let’s talk about Wills

Find a will writer in The Hug Directory

In any situation where you had a joint will and are no longer with that person, you must have a new one drawn-up. In divorce, when the Decree Absolute is issued, any will becomes null and void. Many people forget this when the drama of the divorce is finally over. You can instruct a will writing professional or a solicitor. In the event of your death, your ex could still end up benefitting! Rewriting your will is very much part of financial planning and advice.

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