Swanley is a town in Kent, England. It is situated 16 miles away from central London and has great transport links to the capital. The town has strong links to the horticulture industry and was home to Swanley Horticultural College, which was founded in 1889.

Things to see and do in Swanley include

  • Swanley Park – this park attracts over 400,000 visitors every year! A fantastic day out for the whole family, with attractions including a miniature railway, an exciting low ropes activity course, go-karts and inflatables. In the heart of the park is the boating lake, where you can hire pedalos and rowing boats. Swanley Park café serves great food for both children and adults – New Barn Road, BR8 7PW
  • Swanley Market – a big variety of stalls including clothes, sweets, flowers, seafood and fruit and veg. A very popular bustling market in the heart of the town – High Street, BR8 7UN
  • White Oak Leisure Centre – lots of fun for the whole family. In the main swimming pool, there is a lazy river and two exciting slides, plus a diving area if you are brave enough. The centre is home to Treasure Island soft play area, which has slides, ball pits, bridges and ramps. Other attractions include a fitness pool and health food café – Hilda May Avenue, BR8 7BT
Swanley in Kent is not far from Dartford and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

Single parenting in Swanley; “juggling” springs to mind..

Single parenting help is available, when you know where to find it.

Single parents throw all the balls up in the air and catch them, on a daily basis. If you were never great at multi-tasking, then you’d better get good! It’s essential for the smooth running of your home and keeping the kids in happy and in-check.

Get organised

You may be single parenting as a co-parent or flying completely solo. There’s no real difference apart from the fact that you get more time-off, (if you have an ex who has the children at set-times). In this instance, you get a short break and a little bit of time to pull yourself together for the next run. However, you probably find that this “free” time simply means clearing up all the mess and laundry from your parenting time and getting ready for the next episode. Try not to feel down, there will be some free-time. Getting organised for the next time the kiddywinks are home, means a more pleasant experience for you and them

Chat anonymously about being a single parent in the Forum/Chatroom

Can single-parented children really be ok?

We are told that children who are raised by single parents can be as happy as children who live with both. They can do just as well academically and go onto lead a positive adult life. However, this doesn’t just simply happen on it’s own. All children need a positive parental role model. It’s also said that children from single parent homes who have two loving parents, build resilience to deal with different situations in adulthood.

Experts say that if you spend good quality time with your child, they are less likely to have mental health issues in the future. Show your child that you are interested in your own life and that you grasp opportunities. More importantly prove that you want to be a part of your child’s life and interests. Regularly reading to or with your child, going to the park, walking in the woods and observing what’s around you, kicking a ball around the garden or playing their favourite video game. All these things show your child that you are interested in what they like to do. Engage with your child. This can be more tricky with a teenager, so you may really have to find yourself loving the xbox! Read the rest of this article here

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Helen Davies of Heritage Estate Planning in Kent

Having an up to date will in place is vital in ensuring control over your money, property and possessions and their distribution after your death and that your loved ones are properly cared for. 
Helen Davies – Heritage Estate Planning

Are you looking for family law advice around Swanley in Kent? We have found the following firms the area

Paula Tanner – Tiger Law

Elaine Flynn – Arthurs Solicitors

If you are looking to mediate, consider contacting Derek Mason of The London Mediation Service

Don’t be afraid to seek help from a counsellor or coach when you are going through a difficult time..

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