Tees Valley

Tees Valley is around the River Tees in North of England. Tees Port is the 3rd largest port in the UK, and in the top 10 for size in Western Europe. Football, Union and Cricket dominate sports and weekends will see any number of playing fields full of spectators.

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Things to see and do in Tees Valley

Rockliffe Hall – Indulge. Slow down. Relax, Unwind in Tees Valley. (DL2 2DU)

Raby Castle – Medieval Castle located in a deer park dating back to 1300’s. Famously, Cecily Neville, the mother of Kings Edward IV and Richard III was born here. Tour the castle, play in the Woodland Adventure Playground, enjoy the Walled Garden. (DL2 3AH)

Is there a life after divorce?

Do you need a family solicitor in Tees Valley or Stockton on Tees

Transporter Bridge – A Bridge you ask ….. yes, if  you want to bungee jump. (S70 5DJ)

Tees Barrage – White water rafting will definitely get the heart rate going. (TS18 2QW)

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How to deal with grief

It’s also really important to allow your feelings to come out. Don’t try and push them down or away. Your stories have to be told; reminisce and remember. Even if you feel as though you are repeating yourself, don’t worry. This is all part of the grieving process which you need to feel and experience. You will probably start off shocked and numb, then move into angry and tired. Just remember that this is all normal; there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling. There is no rush to get to where you believe you should be. Take your time. You may feel that you are dealing with this bereavement in a different way to how you dealt with other losses. That’s irrelevant. You can’t package up your feelings into an off-the-shelf product. What you feel is what you feel. Don’t beat yourself up. If you need time, take more time.

My ex is a liar!

Be selfish and deal with your grief however you see fit. Don’t feel that you have to hold back with your feelings and be brave in front of family and friends because of what they may be going through. You won’t get a badge for bravery. If you are having a bad day, then just tell everyone. There is no point in supressing your feelings like a pressure cooker, waiting to explode at the first opportunity. Everything comes out at some point so it is far better to go through the process and feelings as you trundle along than you keep them hidden and then suffer a large explosion (and breakdown) in the future.

I want to change my child’s name

How can I help myself in Tees Valley?

On the other hand, you will feel good helping others who are also grieving. Helping others will give you a boost; you won’t feel so alone. Take the time to listen as you help others, including any children who are trying to come to terms with their feelings around what has happened for the very first time. Grief can tear a family or friendship apart as it is a time of anxiety, anger, resentment and shock. Be aware of others feelings and handle everyone with caution. The slightest thing can cause a potential spark. 

Trying to stick to some kind of routine is crucial; getting up, having breakfast, having a shower, getting dressed, walking the dog, washing up.. these tasks, however mundane they may seem, keep you conscious and they stop you from falling into a cycle of not getting dressed or even getting out of bed. They pull you along and out of victim mode. 

What happens in a relationship breakdown in Tees Valley?

It is ok to give yourself a break from grieving and suggest to your friend that you want to go to the movies. You could try having a decluttering session or weeding the garden, anything which keep you busy.  There will be times when you want to escape and those who are close to you will be delighted to hear you asking to go out for dinner or the movies, or sorting out a weekend break away from things.  It’s not bad to want to do something different and you are definitely not being disrespectful to the one you lost. Read the rest of this article on bereavement and support here

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