Tynemouth & Whitley Bay

Tynemouth and Whitley Bay is described as a fusion of traditional seaside holiday resort with a contemporary urban feel and scene. There are trendy restaurants and bars along with beautiful beaches waiting for romantic walks. There is a very regular train from Tynemouth to Whitley Bay. The town of Tynemouth is both a large town and a county borough near to Newcastle in the North West of England.

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Long Sand Beach – Popular with surfers and a great destination for the day with the family. (NE30 4JS)

If you are separating in Tynemouth or Whitley Bay get some support

Tynemouth Aquarium – From conservation, to education and just plain fun, the aquarium is home to all manner of sea life.  (NE30 4JF)

Jarrow Hall, Anglo-Saxon Farm, Village and Bede Museum – history buffs and school kids alike will gain so much by a visit to the home of Bede, the father of English history. (NE32 3DY)

8 things you shouldn’t do when you are getting a divorce

St Mary’s Lighthouse – time your visit right, and you can walk the causeway to the island. Climb 137 steps to the top of the lighthouse for amazing views as far as the eye can see. (NE26 4RS)

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Golf Courses – several beautiful courses await.

Do you need support from a family law firm in Tynemouth?

PGS Law – “For over 140 years we have been meeting the legal needs of clients throughout the North East of England and beyond, often representing multiple generations of the same family. When you choose us to act on your behalf, you can be confident that you will receive expert guidance from solicitors, committed to providing services of the highest quality”. – Law Court Chambers, 20-22 Waterloo Square, South Shields NE33 1AW

Hindle Campbell Law – Solicitors Newcastle – “Established in 1978, Hindle Campbell Law provides the complete legal service for you, your business and your family”. – 8 Northumberland Pl, North Shields NE30 1QQ

Hadaway & Hadaway – “Based in North Shields and established in 1901, Hadaway & Hadaway solicitors provide a complete legal service for you, your business and your family”. – 58 Howard St, North Shields NE30 1AL

BHP Law – “BHP Law is a firm of solicitors providing legal services to private individuals and businesses from a network of offices across the North East.  With a history dating back to the early 1800’s, the firm has evolved to offer clients a fresh approach with traditional values”. 39 Percy Park Rd, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30 4LR

Divorce and splitting assets

Everyone has to move forwards and it could be that the family home has to be sold to create two new separate homes. House buying and selling is stressful enough, but add that to a separation and blood pressure levels are likely to go through the roof! All parties are anxious and afraid about how the future is going to pan out. Assets have to be split; furniture, family heirlooms. Everything right down to who is going to have the cutlery. 

It’s an extremely tough period in even the most resilient person’s life; it is certainly not weak to ask for professional help if required. In fact, maybe everyone should get counselling or coaching through this most horrendous time, to keep their feet on the ground. Tempers are frayed and small issues can become ginormous. People who have been through the process talk about turning to alcohol, cigarettes or serial dating for sex, as a crutch to get them through. Working with a therapist can help people to understand that what is happening right now is not going to last forever. It is just a phase in life and part of the journey to arrive in a better place. Read the rest of this article about divorce and separation here

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