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    Economic Abuse

    economic abuse doesn't leave bruises

    Abuse doesn’t have to mean violence, hitting, punching. It can be emotional or mental too. Economic Abuse doesn’t leave bruises. The word abuse is often associated with physical, mental or sexual harm, we don’t often consider economic abuse and how destroying this can be for an individual both at the time of it happening and […]

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    Ex-Partner vs. Other Parent

    co-parenting with the other parent

    They have proven themselves to be a bad partner, so how can the other other parent be a good parent? Having had a bad experience with an ex-partner can often leave such a suspicious imprint that it’s hard not to hold a dim view of them once you separate. Having proven so unsuitable as a […]

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    My story of grief and bereavement

    a story of grief and bereavement

    A little while ago, I was asked if I would write a post on grief. I said “yes,” and promptly forgot (or maybe thought who would be interested lol), but yesterday I found myself telling two new friends my story…… ……so here goes nothing! I’ll start by introducing myself. My friends call me Mu, I’m […]

  • Mark Heppinstall – Freeths LLP

    Mark Heppinstall Family Solicitor

    I act for husbands, wives and cohabitees in relation to all issues associated with relationship breakdown. I care passionately about the end result for my clients but also the process to get there. Where appropriate, I’m a real supporter of mediation and other forms of dispute resolution but I recognise that in some instances court […]

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    I’ve just had my ‘lightbulb moment’… what now?

    ive had my lightbulb monet domestic abuse

    Experts in domestic abuse talk about the ‘lightbulb moment’; when victims realise that they are indeed a victim of domestic abuse. Because domestic abuse often consists of more subtle and controlling behaviour rather than the more obvious physical abuse, it can be hard to spot – especially when you are the person in the relationship. […]

  • Caron Kipping

    Independent Domestic Abuse Advocate and Divorce and Separation Coach

    I am a Divorce and Separation Coach specialising in Domestic Abuse Recovery. Having struggled alone through my own abusive relationship and divorce I wanted to help others in similar situations. I trained as an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) and spent the last 12 years supporting victims of domestic abuse. I realised that there were […]

  • Being lonely, Loneliness and Wellbeing

    A solo lonely tree in a field of yellow flowers. It looks very alone

    Loneliness is being recognised as a problem for many in today’s society On October 15th 2018 Theresa May launched the first cross-Government strategy to tackle loneliness. Funding was also made available to help communities build stronger connections in a bid to alleviate social isolation and that feeling of being solo. We asked The Group Hug Community […]

  • Debbie Rose – Divorce Coach

    Debbie Rose is a UK Divorce coach based in Aberdeenshire

    Going though divorce can be a traumatic experience for you and your family.  Many changes take place and roles and relationships have to be redefined.  It can be confusing and scary to start again.  I am a UK divorce coach who is passionate about helping you navigate your way through the pain and help you […]

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