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Thank you for your interest. We are delighted that you are considering being part of our exclusive community.

So, what’s in it for you? Why should you advertise in The Hug Directory?

  • We are not like other directories where you will be competing with many others in your area as we keep it exclusive.
  • The Group Hug’s “store front” is a whole host of blogs and information, bringing your potential clients “through the door” to and therefore towards The Hug Directory.
the door opening to the hug directory
  • Issues tend to be around divorce, separation, dissolution, bereavement, parenting, dating, starting a new life, empty nest syndrome, finances, loneliness, health and beauty and a mixture of all of these.
  • Rather than simply being in a directory, waiting for someone to call, you will be part of a dynamic website full of resources and information. The Group Hug acknowledges life’s challenges and is saying “come on in! we can help and support you!”
  • We have a forum/chat room where you can jump into conversations as an expert (and direct people to your Hug Directory entry).

Take a look at who’s in The Hug Directory

  • We have live chat on our website enabling our team to actively signpost our community to the directory.
  • We constantly connect and communicate with our community through social media channels such as instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, signposting them to the experts in The Hug Directory.
  • When you have signed up for “The Hug Directory”, you can request that our logo be sent to you to add to your site. Use the logo as a tool to link to your content on our site and to tell your community “As featured in The Group Hug”; more exposure.
  • You will part of a network of other professionals. You can refer clients to each and “cross network”. Many of our experts are doing this with great success.

Who’s our audience?

Basically, we have a “store” full of people who are separating or contemplating divorce, looking for help from solicitors, financial advisors, counsellors, coaches, parenting experts, therapists, psychologists and home moving experts and we signpost these people to The Hug Directory.

we have a community of people who need help and signpost to The Hug Directory

You probably have your own website, and that’s great, your potential clients need a landing page to visit to find out more about you. However the possibility of getting thousands of hits on such a specialist website is realistically going to be pretty limited unless you have a marketing team. Many of our Hug Directory members see us as their marketing department as they use our content to make quick and easy social posts knowing that they are directing people to where they are.

Our community is evergreen, there are always new people joining; the content is constantly changing and always fresh. We also have the live chat and connect through our blogs, forum and socials.

Take a look at The Forum

This is what we are good at. We communicate with your potential clients leaving you to get on with what you are professionally trained to do.

What makes The Hug Directory so exclusive?

The directory is split into the 100 counties of the UK and within that;

  • there is only one “type” of coach per county, so there might be a life-coach, divorce-coach and career-coach in one county. We only allow two psychotherapists/counsellors per county and one hypnotherapist, reiki etc… we don’t want to overwhelm our audience.
  • plus, only one financial advisor, will writer and 4 law firms per county. On top of the 4 law firms we will have one McKenzie Friend business or similar. You can lock-out your competition!
  • Share, share, SHARE, The Group Hug content; you can put your own spin on any of the blogs. What’s the point of sharing blogs from other sites you are not featured on?  If you want to chat about a topic on social media, find a relevant blog on The Group Hug and share with that group. Even if you don’t personally feature or are named in a blog you are sharing, by sharing ANY blog from The Group Hug website, you are bringing your potential clients nearer to YOUR DOOR!
  • Share the blogs where you ARE featured. “Hi everyone. I am so excited to be featured on The Group Hug website giving my opinion on blah blah” – you will be acknowledged by our audience as an expert. Again, you are bringing people towards your directory entry. Content you are featured in will have a link to your directory entry.
share to your socials
  • We often ask the experts in The Hug Directory for their opinion on matters around their profession. Any comments always include the name of the expert which links back to that experts contact information.

Do you need more help?

We hope you understand how it all works, but if you are still unsure, then please do get in touch as we will be more than happy to explain further. Unless you are active on social media, no one knows you exist, so use all the content opportunities to your advantage; For example a Facebook Post you write might say, “I saw this piece on separation and how life coaching can help from a coach in Bristol. She is so right and I want to introduce myself as your local life coach here in Stockport”

  • Highly professional website
  • Fresh and interesting content
  • High levels of community interaction continuously signposting people who need support to experts in The Hug Directory.
  • People join The Group Hug Community because we are unbiased. We are not a particular law firm, mediation company or financial provider. We provide all the options and present choices to our audience.

What can we offer you?

We offer a number of packages to advertise to our audiences through our website and social channels. 

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Shout-outs about something you’re doing

Spotlight Interview

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Weekly Website Blanket Advertising

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