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Amanda Hale – Breakup and Narcissism Recovery Mentor & Coach
Amanda Hale – Breakup and Narcissism Recovery Mentor & Coach

Having experienced first-hand the highly emotional and day to day struggles of a high conflict divorce, it is now my goal to help make the process of divorce (and breakup) less daunting and less emotionally and financially draining for others.

My area of expertise is supporting women with highly narcissistic or toxic (ex) partners during all stages of breakup/divorce. I help them learn methods of communication, ways to manage the relationship with their toxic (ex) partner and self-empowerment tools (and empowerment of the children).

My general coaching and mentoring style is warm, friendly and approachable; when needed I will gently push clients out of their comfort zone and may at times challenge their current way of doing things, in order to facilitate their taking control of their lives and moving forwards.

North London and North West London
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