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Zoe Bloom – Keystone Law
Zoe Bloom – Keystone Law

I work for clients with financial issues resulting from the breakdown of relationships. My specialism is ‘toxic’ litigation, so while most of my clients have significant asset bases, the thing which really ties them together is that they usually all have difficult personalities to deal with.

I am delighted to be listed as one of the top family lawyers in the country by Spears Wealth Magazine and feature in Legal 500 where I am featured for my work against those with borderline or narcissistic personalities.

If you are dealing with an ex who you suspect has a personality disorder (such as a narcissist) - you need to look at using a family lawyer who has experience in this field because it's going to be tough. Your lawyer needs to understand the approach which is required to get you the result you deserve. - The Group Hug

What is narcissism?

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