Bournemouth is a town in Dorset which is situated on the south coast of England. Beautiful sandy beaches, bustling shops and a booming nightlife make it very popular with tourists, attracting over five million visitors every year.

Things to see and do in Bournemouth

  • Bournemouth beach – with over eleven miles of beautiful sand, this has been voted one of the best beaches in the world. Take a relaxing walk and enjoy the picturesque views, paddle in the sea or sit and enjoy delicious fish and chips in the refreshing sea air. The beach is also surrounded by things to do for the whole family – BH2 5AA
  • Bournemouth Pier – an absolute must visit. Attractions include RockReef, an indoor adventure centre where you can brave a vertical slide, challenge yourself on one of the 28 climbing walls, or even take on an indoor cave experience. The pier is also home to the first pier to shore zip wire in the world! There is also a choice of shops and places to eat – Pier Approach, BH2 5AA
  • Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum – this was one of the last Victorian manor houses ever built. A stunning building and beautiful gardens situated on a cliff top overlooking the sea. You can take a tour of the house and gardens and experience the grandeur of the late-Victorian era. Then visit the four galleries that house an array of truly remarkable works of art – East Cliff Promenade, BH1 3AA
bournemouth has fmaily law, mortgage and life assurance help
  • Oceanarium – visit Bournemouth’s aquarium and be transported to an amazing world beneath the sea. Home to 1000’s of aquatic creatures including sharks, stingrays, a giant turtle, jellyfish and even penguins! The whole family can enjoy themed zones, impressive underwater tunnels and even a shipwreck reef. There is also a cafe, gift shop and a children’s play zone – Pier Approach, West Beach, BH2 5AA
  • Alum Chine Tropical Gardens – A chine is a steep, dry river valley and Alum is the largest of four chines in Bournemouth. It boasts spectacular sea views, a serene tropical garden on a cliff face, a Treasure Island children’s play area and even a paddling pool – Alum Chine, BH4 8HW

For mortgage and life assurance; estate planning and wills advice, the following company feature in The Dorset Hug Directory:

Haven FS is a financial solutions team made up of Life Protection Specialists, Mortgage Brokers plus wills and estate planning.

Family law: Solicitors and Barristers. Where do you start?

The best thing is to call a couple in your area and have a chat about possible divorce legal advice. Most will offer a free 30/45-minute face to face consultation. It’s really important that client and legal representative get along and that there is some kind of rapport. The client needs to feel that they are being heard. If you have a face to face appointment, be ready with anything you may need to take with you such as marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates (if you don’t have them you can apply for copies online) and ID such as a driving licence and/or passport. Ask the Solicitor if the 30 minutes can be about listening to you and not getting these things in order. Documents can be dealt with by a legal secretary. Don’t allow the free time to be wasted.

More about Divorce and Dissolution

Which Solicitor Should I Choose?

Of course, there are different levels of Solicitors, but this doesn’t mean one is better than another. In London you may find yourself looking at fees of around £850 per hour if the team are only dealing with High Net Worth clients. On the outskirts and elsewhere in the country you might be able to find £150 per hour or a package deal.

What’s a MIAM?

Some firms will give set prices for certain tasks, but beware, because if you are in a particularly tricky divorce, these “packages” will run over and you will have excess charges added on for things such as a final hearing. Let’s face it, if you have to go through the court process, things are not going to be easy. In the grand scheme of things, with all the divorces that happen in the UK, not many actually end up in court as couples want to sort things out amicably and in the cheapest way possible.

The parenting apart programme

The Parenting Apart Programme brings parents together whenever, however possible to ensure that they have every opportunity to continue to be the best parents they possibly can even when separation has occurred. 


Using a Barrister for a Divorce

It used to be the case that you had to have a solicitor to instruct a Barrister but now anyone can go directly to a Barrister without having to involve anyone else (such as a Solicitor). The Barrister’s role stays the same, as if they were instructed by a solicitor or other intermediary. They will advise you on your legal rights. However, you need to find a “Direct Access Barrister”. Often McKenzie Friends have contacts. Usually a Direct Access Barrister can still draft and send documents for a client. This is with regards to family law. In other types of cases a solicitor needs to be instructed to contact a barrister, so do seek legal advice for your particular case or speak to a Direct Access Barrister for their thoughts on your particular circumstances. 

If you are looking for a family solicitor in Bournemouth, we have found the following firms:

Druitts – Borough Chambers Fir Vale Road, Bournemouth BH1 2JE

Coles Miller Solicitors – 4 Durley Chine Road, Bournemouth BH2 5QT

Laing Law – 161 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth BH1 1JU

Dutton Gregory Solicitors – 3 Poole Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5QJ

Preston Redman Solicitors – Hinton House, Bournemouth BH1 2EN

Divorce Solicitors Bournemouth – 24 St Peters Road, Bournemouth BH1 2LN 

Gales Solicitors – 512 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth BH9 2ET 

French Law Matters – Suite 1 First Floor, Richmond House Richmond Hill, Bournemouth BH2 6EZ

Steele Raymond LLP – 43 Richmond Hill Richmond Point, Bournemouth BH2 6LR

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