East Riding of Yorkshire

The East Riding of Yorkshire, or simply East Riding or East Yorkshire, is an area in Northern England. The name is traditionally and geographically a reference to the easternmost of the three subdivisions of the traditional county of Yorkshire.

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If you’re visiting be sure to stop at Sewerby Hall, a Grade I listed Georgian country house set in 50 acres of landscaped gardens in the village of Sewerby, 2 miles from the seaside town of Bridlington (YO15 1ED). Flamborough Head is a promontory, 8 miles long on the Yorkshire coast of England, between the Filey and Bridlington bays of the North Sea. It is a chalk headland, with sheer white cliffs. The cliff top has two standing lighthouse towers, the oldest dating from 1669 and Flamborough Head Lighthouse built in 1806 (YO15 1AJ).

Beverley, Yorkshire, UK.

Things to see in East Riding of Yorkshire

RSPB Bempton Cliffs & Seabird Centre – is the best place to see seabirds because around half a million gather on the cliffs between spring and summer. There is a new sea centre in the middle of the reserve which tells the story of the wild life cliffs and why they are there. Cliff Ln, Bempton, Bridlington YO15 1JF

Sewerby Hall – A delightful house that you can have a tour around and take in architectural history. In the summer there is a beautiful rose garden with a wonderful display of colourful flowers. There is also a zoo with many animals including guinea pigs, micro pigs, goats and llamas. Sewerby, Bridlington YO15 1ED.

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Lucy Phipps and Amy Foweather The Family Law Team Harrowells

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Sometimes a collaborative approach is appropriate. In other cases, fighting your corner robustly is what is required to protect your position and avoid other parties deliberately frustrating progress towards the right outcome for you.

Harrowells Solicitors

Offices in York city centre at 1 St Saviourgate, York, YO1 8ZQ and Clifton Moor, Haxby, Easingwold, Thirsk, Malton and Pocklington

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How will divorce affect my child?

Divorce can have profound impacts on children or young adults. Whether you are divorcing with a toddler, 1, 2 or 3 kids it’s unlikely to be easy for you or them. Key questions such as who keeps the house (or whether you sell it and move) and how amicable the split is become more complicated once children are involved.

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Should we stay together for the kids?

This is the question some parents find crosses their mind as their marriage comes to an end. Others realise that divorce or permanent separation is the only solution. 

As proceedings kick-in, whether you are dealing with a vexatious litigant or are able to calmly hit the mediators’ office, all parents have worries including living arrangements, child custody plans and how the children will deal with the divorce.

How will I deal with the children and the divorce?

Mums and Dads who experienced a childhood where their own parents were together can feel that they are letting their own offspring down. They can feel that they have failed as parents. Research says that all children deal with divorce in different ways, but for sure, as it is for adults, the first year is extremely difficult as everyone is forced to adjust to a new way of living. Some children bounce back quicker than others.

Just because I’m a man, it wasn’t any easier to separate from my wife

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