The Cathedral City of Winchester in Hampshire is not only a great place to live, but a very enjoyable long weekend destination. There is so much history, lots of great cafes, restaurants and pubs, a theatre and shopping! One thing a lot of people don’t know is that Winchester was the Saxon capital of England, so the history is amazing! There are still sections of the cities original Roman Wall to discover when you stroll along the River Itchen.

Things to see and do in Winchester

Winchester Cathedral –  One of the largest Cathedrals in Europe, with stunning stained glass windows, and many famous people’s last resting place. Amongst kings and queens, Jane Austen is buried here. Take a guided tour and learn the incredibly long and fascinating history. You have to visit the Crypt (when you go, you’ll know why). 9 The Close, Winchester SO23 9LS

Jane Austens House and Museum –  Just outside of Windsor is the charming village of Chawton, home to Jane Austen. If you enjoy her books, this is an absolute must. Winchester Road, Chawton, Alton GU34 1SD

Winchester Mill – Another excellent National Trust property, the Mill is over 1000 years (yes, one thousand years) old, and is possibly the oldest working watermill in the UK. Volunteers will demonstrate flour milling and you will learn more through hand on displays and audio-visuals Bridge Street, Winchester SO23 9BH

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium – The kids will learn so much and they won’t even realise it because of the fun interactive displays. The planetarium exhibition is the largest in the UK and has to be seen! It’s mesmerising. Telegraph Way, Winchester SO21 1HZ

Marwell Zoo – The Marwell Wildlife charity owns and manages this conservation zoo and we are the lucky recipients of the work they do. The 140 acre park is pretty much an open zoo, with animals roaming freely. There are playgrounds for the kids and cafes which make it a FULL day family experience. Thompsons Lane, Winchester SO21 1JH

Hat Festival – every summer, Winchester hosts the a-may-zing Hat Festival which is all about street theatre. The ‘hat’ comes from the hat buskers use for donations. You will need to check their website each year for details and ticket sales (there are some free events) and will also need to sort out accommodation as the city population swells! It’s a great ‘local’ secret.

Theatre Royal Winchester – Check out what’s on when you are here as it might be something fantastic! The Theatre attracts a very high calibre of performances. 21-23, Jewry Street, Winchester SO23 8SB

we will find you support in winchester

Are you looking for family law help around Winchester? We have found the following firms in the area

Just Family Law – 7 Charlecote Mews, Staple Gardens, Winchester SO23 8SR. We provide a full range of family law services at the start of new relationships, when they break down and beyond. We act for married individuals, engaged couples, cohabitants, civil partners, ex-pats, grandparents and extended family members. Our services are not geographically restricted and we are able to represent clients nationwide and indeed worldwide.

Stowe Family Law LLP – 71 High Street, Winchester SO23 9DA 

Godwins Solicitors – 12 St Thomas St, Winchester SO23 9HF. “The attentive service and practical advice of Godwins Solicitors LLP will help you achieve the outcome you desire. We can guide you on all legal aspects of relationship breakdown and “navigate” you to a new living situation. We can help you towards mediation to avoid Court, or manage an agreed separation if divorce isn’t quite right for you. We are deeply sensitive to the needs of our clients and our understanding and experience is aimed at smoothing out the legal process and to minimise the stress as much as possible.”

Shentons Solicitors & Mediators – All of our clients have different reasons for needing an expert in Family Law; we always start with you and find out about your particular circumstances. As highly experienced family lawyers who are sensitive and clear communicators, we then work with you to create a legal strategy that will deliver the best possible outcome for you.This approach might include non-court options, such as mediation or collaborative law. It may include representing you in negotiations or indeed in court proceedings. We advise you on the best option for you.” – Star Lane House, Staple Gardens, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9AD

Vardags – 1 St James’ Terrace, Winchester SO22 4PP 

Eric Robinson – Nothing is more important than family. At Eric Robinson Solicitors our expert team can advise you on a wide range of family related issues from divorce and separation to domestic violence, civil partnerships and care proceedings concerning children. Regency House, 2/4, Southgate St, Winchester SO23 9EF 

Ally Ilott of Heritage Estate Planning features in The Hug Directory

“Our comprehensive estate planning service is tailored to our clients, with professional and high-quality advice that offers you complete assurance and peace of mind.”

Ally Ilott of Heritage Estate Planning

Many people believe that it is only important to look at your will after divorce. That is simply not true. When embarking on a separation or divorce it is vital that you speak to an expert to consider what could happen to your assets “during” the divorce process, should anything happen

Should I try mediation in Winchester?

There is only one excuse for not attending mediation before hitting the courts and that is where a party has suffered domestic abuse or violence. In this case, it is understood that the last thing a victim wants to do is to try and reason with their abuser and sit in the same room or building. 

Mediation exists to try and solve the issues which arise when a couple separate. The mediator takes the form of an adjudicator and will make sure that discussions take place in a constructive manner and that each party has the opportunity to be heard. It can be used for matters concerning children and finances, so is flexible. Mediation must not be confused with relationship coaching or counselling. When couples arrive at the Mediators office they are there because the marriage has irretrievably broken down and divorce proceedings have started. The concern of mediation is that each party gets what they feel is a “fair deal” in the separation. 

What do mediators do?

Mediators are very much like having a referee in the room. The couple sit in the same room, but if things are very difficult, couples may be able to sit in separate rooms with the mediator flitting between, informing the individuals what the other party has said or suggested. They are trained to assist each party to recognise the issues and to then find ways to resolve them. They are neutral and never take sides. Also note that they don’t give advice, so it also helpful to see a solicitor before and after mediation to ensure you are getting a good deal. The mediation office will advise the couple in this regard, when they book their appointment. 

The parenting apart programme

The Parenting Apart Programme brings parents together whenever, however possible to ensure that they have every opportunity to continue to be the best parents they possibly can even when separation has occurred. 


How Mediation works

To put it in basic terms, mediation is all about bashing out the nitty gritty in front of an adjudicator, rather than a judge. It cuts out a great deal of time and money which would normally be spent pushing court documents around and can lead to a quicker conclusion. The process could be considered to be kinder to each party too. There is less stress because the process is not so drawn out. With the courts full to the brim, dates between cases can be 6 months. Mediation also has a positive impact on the children as the process is shorter and less involved. This is turn leaves parents to be more available to their offspring; dealing with the anxiety they are going through is the most important consideration. If children see their parents being amicable, this has a huge positive impact. 

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