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I’m hoping that sharing will be healing

Dear Group Huggers,
Hi there, I wanted to share a bit about me. My daughter pointed me in the direction of The Group Hug as I have been struggling to stay positive and have even had suicidal thoughts. I do try and look forward but I always seem to revert back and think about the past, which I know is not good for me, but I just can’t help it.

I thought that maybe sharing my story and seeing and hearing that other men and women are going through similar feelings would help me to see that I am not alone.

I have been feeling so dreadfully low recently. My children and I were having counselling after losing my Mum unexpectedly the year before we found out about my husband. We all had to have further counselling to help us get through the breakup. It came as a total shock, not just to us, but to everyone I had to tell. They thought I was joking and I remember their faces changing when they realised that what I was saying was true.
I was married for 22 years and four years ago I found out that my husband was having an affair with a friend of mine. They are still together. I have absolutely no relationship with her nor do I ever want to. I have two lovely children, A daughter aged 25 and a son aged 22. They are coping with it all in their own way, some days better than others. I am glad I have the children as they are what keeps me going. They have just started speaking to their Father again, mainly because my daughter is getting married in June and my son is giving her away (karma).
I am going through the divorce process at the moment. He is being reasonable but it’s going through the court and breaks my heart that it has come to this.
I work from home for BT, so at least I have that to keep my mind busy for part of the day. However, I do feel extremely isolated working from home as I miss the office banter; working from home is great when you have a family but it’s not so much fun if you live on your own.

I am sad about my marriage but I would like to meet someone else. I miss everything about my husband and there is nothing which I think I am happy to not have around me anymore and I think that’s what makes it all even harder.   Thank you for reading this. If you are going through similar, you are not alone.  

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