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Struggling and wanted to know what is everyone's top tips on finding that spark again.  Need to muster a smile but can't.


Posted : 04/05/2021 11:31 am
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It is not always easy, we are all different and sometimes you have to try a variety of tools or techniques to find what works for you (might be different things at different times). Happiness and positivity is important for all of us in our team and we make sure we practice it daily! Some of what has worked for us: Mindfulness and meditation (like Calm, Headspace), staying active (walking, yoga), keeping a Gratitude journal, Daily tasks from Action for Happiness Calendar, motivational books (The Secret series for example), making a Vision board (I have mine behind my laptop so I can see it every day), talking to colleagues/friends/family regularly. Sharing how you feel and talking to others is important, this is a great place for that and you can also contact an expert from the Hug Directory, we are all here to support each other. 

Let me know if you would like to chat about any of the above,  Andrea from Wensons.  Our team is in the directory: Hiren S Panchal - Financial Planner and Coach | The Group Hug

Posted : 06/05/2021 10:23 am
shirazsocial reacted
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Hi there, how are you feeling now? One of my favourite ways to get that spark back is to purposely practice appreciation - get a piece of paper and a pen, think of something or someone you love and spend a few minutes writing out all the things you appreciate about them. Never fails to put a smile on my face. If you would like more help do look us up in the directory:

Posted : 18/05/2021 11:53 am
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Yes, in any case, you should not stop and you need to work on yourself, then there will definitely be a result!

Posted : 18/05/2021 4:05 pm
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I agree. If you are happy then the whole world is yours.

Posted : 14/03/2023 9:31 am