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Technology - mobile phones

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My ex husband controls my children's mobile phones.  He won't let me do anything for them, not even give them an app.  What can i do?  He tracks us all via their phones, says he needs to be the icloud owner etc.   What does anyone else do?  I don't feel comfortable having no view on their internet safety?  is my only solution to buy them new phones and sim cards?

Topic starter Posted : 05/10/2021 11:23 am
Double-Star Contributor

Hi @lucylu this sounds like it is what we call post-separation abuse and i am sure this isnt the only way he is trying to keep control. He is using the children to find out what you are all up to and monitor your movements. It is abuse and it isn't appropriate or ok.

I would suggest you get advice and support from a specialist such as your local Women's Aid or domestic abuse organisation (just Google domestic abuse suport in my area) or someone like myself, a Divorce Coach specialising in abusive and controlling relationships - find me in the directory, Caron Kipping.

Taking control back can trigger his abusive behaviour to get worse, so having a good safety plan and knowing how to manage this is advisable.



Posted : 08/01/2022 12:38 pm