Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells is a town in western Kent, England, situated 30 miles away from central London. Over 400 years ago, a natural spring rose up from the ground and it was named “The Tunbridge Wells”. Today, the town is a vibrant place to live or visit, with bustling shops, impressive architecture and beautiful green spaces.

Things to see and do in Royal Tunbridge Wells include…

  • Grosvenor and Hilbert Park – this is one of the towns oldest public parks and was designed by Victorian landscape architect Robert Marnock all the way back in 1889. Visit the park to see some of the original historic features including Marnock lake and the dripping wells. In addition to the ornmental lake, the park also has many other attractions including a café and a large children’s play area – 15 Dorking Road, TN1 2LN

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  • Scotney Castle and Gardens – see the ruins of this striking historic castle and then visit the rest of this 780 acre estate. There are areas of parkland and woodland perfect for the whole family to explore. See if you can spot the herd of Sussex cattle or the sheep that wander on these grounds. There is also a café and shop on site – Lamberhurst, TN3 8JN
Welcoem to Royal Tonbridge Wells and the support available
  • Chimera Climbing Centre – this indoor rock climbing centre boasts one of the finest bouldering walls in the South East of England. A trip here offers an exhilarating climbing experience for everyone aged 5 and up and the centre caters for all abilities. Clean, modern facilities and knowledgeable staff mean that everyone has a fantastic day out – North Farm Road, High Brooms Industrial Estate, TN2 3DR

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  • Dunorlan Park – just a 20 minute walk from the centre of Tunbridge Wells is this beautiful Grade II listed park. It is a lovely, serene spot for a walk, or to let children run around and burn off some steam. There is even a boating lake where you can have fun on kayaks and pedalos and a popular café serving refreshments – Pembury Road, TN2 3QN
  • Mr. Mulligan’s – this is an 18-hole outdoor adventure golf course. All ages and abilities are welcome to have a go at the course, making this a great activity for the whole family. Every hole is a fun new challenge and kids will love the dinosaur them running throughout – 9 Cannon Lane, Tonbridge, TN9 1PP

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Helen Davies of Heritage Estate Planning in Kent

Having an up to date will in place is vital in ensuring control over your money, property and possessions and their distribution after your death and that your loved ones are properly cared for. 
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Friend and family as your support network

When we speak about having support, we often think about networks of people who may be able to assist us in times of trouble. Social support means not only having close friends and relatives, but a broader network of people to turn to in a time of crisis. Having a wider group to embrace will give you an expanded focus and positive self-image as you take other people’s perspectives and ideas. You will notice that you are not the only one hitting a rut in life, and maybe your issue is not as traumatic as you first thought. Communicating with others enhances life and acts as a cushion when it throws you a curved ball.

Being part of a community such as a church, mosque or school will find you united with many different types of people who you would maybe not normally consider socialising with. There are always a multitude of personalities and attitudes, even within a formal structure and if you are dealing with a problem in your life you should attempt to value as many opinions on that issue as you can; digest and take away from them what you choose. Being intelligent enough to listen to other people’s solutions to an issue, will see you exploring many different possible conclusions before moving onto the stage of dealing with the problem and moving on in your life.

How counselling helped me to get through a tough time

Support groups

Support groups can offer very powerful psychological support. You may be bereaved and seek the support of a bereavement coach in a group setting or suffering with alcoholism and want to reach out to others who know exactly what you are going through. Whatever the issue, a mixture of 1:1 support and group chat could really benefit you and give you the ideas and tools which you would not think of yourself. All social networks provide a sense of belonging, security and community. You won’t feel so alone knowing that others go through hard times too. It is reported that support from networks is literally a life-saver as those who seek solace from friends and family or member of their church or community group are less vulnerable to ill health because of the positive messages and vibes they receive from the masses.

It is not only adults who benefit from being in group situations and it is important that kids also have a network of people they can trust and turn to if they need support. A sports coach or dance teacher might prove to be the person your child wants to download to. They will be the people that both you and your child trust and rely on for emotional and practical help and advice.

Bereavement and family support

Are you looking for family law advice around Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent? We have found the following firms:

Paula Tanner – Tiger Law

Elaine Flynn – Arthurs Solicitors

If you are looking to mediate, consider contacting Mary Raymont of Advantage Mediation Ltd

Julie West Partner at Spencer

Julie Taylor – Family Solicitor – Kent & London

“I help individuals consciously uncouple as amicably as possible, but I also have a wealth of experience in uncoupling which is not so easy where there is high conflict, a controlling partner and sadly domestic abuse. I also offer legal advice on both pre-marital arrangements, and on the separation of matrimonial finances.”

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