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What is Economic Abuse?

finances need to be communicated when dating an older partner

Have you suffered economic abuse, or are you now suffering economic or financial abuse since your separation? This is called ‘Post Separation Abuse.’

Here at The Group Hug, we are hearing more and more stories from women in the divorce process who are being literally left on the breadline and sometimes even being made homeless by their ex husbands during the divorce process.

Is it more prevalent since Legal Aid for Divorce was cut?

In the main, it is women being left “in the gutter” but we have had stories from men too.

Economic abuse seems to happen when a man and woman are getting divorced and the woman does not have access to her own financial resources. The wealthier party in the divorce is able to secure paid legal assistance, but the other party is left acting Litigant in Person.

Please take a look at these resources which we think are invaluable.  

Did you know that if you are left signing-on at the job centre and have suffered domestic abuse, you don’t necessarily have to be attending for 13 weeks. This appears to be a little known fact.

The link below is from and covers the situation around money when trying to get out of a relationship where money is used to control.  

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