Dating – The Wives Highs and Lows

I tuned into Capital Radio and they were talking “dating” so I thought I would put a post to all the groups. We’ve had a great response! Here are our faves.
“I met my partner on “Plenty of Fish” three years ago. He moved in after a year and we settled into family life. Funnily enough I was going to cancel the date as I had experienced such horrible exes that I was put off men. I had settled for life by myself and my Buddy. Until my Sister persuaded me to date again after three years. We were expecting a baby this December but we lost her and we lost my partners Mum, which has broken us down however we’ve realised that it’s made us stronger.
We are now trying to look to the future. Looking for our forever. We are both in our 40s. My family approve of our relationship however his are racist. I put up with it for a long time to show them all I’m not going away. Now we realise that they will never accept me. That’s ok as my family have more love to give and see how much we love and care for one another.
He’s my special person. He’s not perfect and neither am I. Obviously my dog is!
Happily ever after. Love Laugh and Live. Respect, communication and kindness help us to grow from strength to strength. That’s our story. Love can overcome all.”

I was in a violent relationship and I moved to ****** to make a fresh start. I was on my own for a few years and started doing hairdressing at college. One day I was running late for the bus a man was standing there with headphones on. I asked him when the bus was due and we got talking and we are still together now 9 years later . The mad thing is we got a house right beside the bus stop where we first met.

  “I went out with my now husband at age 17. We split up when I was 21, as he wanted to move away from London. I had a job, friends & family nearby so didn’t move with him. He got married and when I was 28, so did I.   My husband wanted kids, I didn’t. We divorced, and a couple of years later, my now husband got back in touch. We were together 5 years, then married 11 years ago, and now have 3 kids!! And have since moved all over the country! Just shows if you find the right one, it will all fall into place”    

I remember one date, at a bar. On paper he seemed ok. In the flesh….. stalker in the making. So I’m sitting there wishing for an earthquake or a sinkhole, trying to work out how to get out of this date.

So I excused myself to go to the toilet, I’m looking in the mirror trying to think, when I saw it. The window! Yes I managed to wriggle my way through it and ran!

“One chap presented me with a pineapple. I think instead of flowers but who knows….?!?”

I went on a blind date once and I was so excited. We had texted and spoken on the phone a lot and really clicked. His online photos were pleasing so I was expecting a good date. I have to mention at this point that he was my first ever online date so I was a bit naive and stupidly arranged dinner instead of a drink ( I thought it would be ok as we seemed to get on).

I parked the car and went in to meet him at the pub. Our eyes met ( well not quite) but he was so short!!! I had forgotten to ask him his height. Not only that he was dressed like one of the t- birds from the movie Grease. To cut a long story short it was a very dull evening but I didn’t have the heart to leave. I saw it through to the end. We ordered food and I ordered a full blown meal – meat, potatoes and veg.

He ordered a salad. I had a glass of wine and he had water. To finish off I had a strong black coffee and he had green tea. I felt so mismatched and uncomfortable. The next day he told me that he was really excited about seeing me again. Needless to say I was way too busy to ever meet again!

“I met my husband on a dating site online. been with him 14 yrs and married 11 of them. Before meeting him I was going to give up on men! lol Isn’t it funny how things turn out when unexpected?!”  

I was so fed up one night that I decided to sink a bottle of Pinot and have a couple of cigarettes (I don’t even smoke!), as I got drunk I decided that I would swipe all the men I didn’t find attractive from their photos. I also upped the age to the highest. Roll on three years and I am now with a lovely man man who is 14 years older than me, the love of my life and who is good looking in real life!

“Why do some men insist on sending those “cock shots?” Do they really think that that thing is good looking? lol, lol, lol “

Another date – I was meeting at the pub.. he texted me as I arrived to say that he was had thrown up numerous times on the way due to nerves that he couldn’t face meeting me.

“I met a guy on line who told me his wife had died in a car crash. I remember him recalling the story to me in my living room and being in tears about it. Two months into the relationship I was beginning to feel like certain timings and dates didn’t add up with what he was telling me. I googled his wife and would you believe it, she was a teacher at their son’s school! Unbelievable!”  

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