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Victim or drama queen?

People are polarised. According to the polls, age and politics are the deciding factors whether you’re pro or against Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Is she a victim? Do you believe her? Do you think what she did was ill-timed, self-centred, and narcissistic, or do you think it brave, bold, and necessary?

After I found out my longed-for dream of motherhood was taken away from me, I felt very much a victim. I was diagnosed with reactive depression. Everyone understands this because motherhood is viewed as the most important thing in a woman’s life. I understand exactly how it feels to be in a dark place. I sought help. No-one stopped me. I decided. I didn’t give away my power. I didn’t give up until I found some answers. It brought me to where I am today 🙂

As a result, I have a lot of empathy for anyone going through psychological trauma or so-called ‘mental health’ issues. However, I also value loyalty and confidentiality.

The fact is that unless you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you never know what is really going on. But actions always have consequences.

the meghan and harry oprah interview is she a victim

Oprah is very much the queen of personal development. I may be wrong, but I think I saw her features looking questioning with micro-facial movements whilst listening to Meghan. I didn’t feel a lot of warmth between the interviewer and guest. Did you?

Privilege brings responsibility and sacrifice. I feel compassion for both sides. (The queen is stoic yet can be seen as cold). I hope that this public airing of dirty laundry, pointing the finger, and making a spectacle to the world won’t be regretted.

We have to do what we feel is right. I believe Meghan felt so awful about what people were saying about her that she felt she had to offer up her side of the story so she could feel better.

Olivia Parry brownies

What do we believe helps us through tough times?

We are drawn to doing things that bring us pleasure (hence the brownies image!) and we avoid things that bring us pain (e.g. ditching the crisps). Unhealthy foods, snacking on sugar, unhealthy processed foods, and drinking wine every night can offer a temporary pleasure hit, but it eventually leads to pain. Poor health, excess weight, uncontrollable cravings, poor blood markers, insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer, and feeling unloved and unhappy in our bodies.

In my work as a weight loss coach, I help my clients uncover their subconscious feelings so that they can change their behaviours so they can associate feeling true happiness and joy with choosing to eat delicious healthy foods that switch off their hunger. They become genuinely excited about things that they used to dread and find impossible. The lifetime result is they achieve a healthy body and a happy mind. Do you want that?

Written by Olivia Parry of Eat to be Slim. Olivia features in The Hug Director – get in touch with her and start leading a more conscious and happier life

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