What to do if you’re unhappy with your family solicitor

My suggestions are…

Get clear with yourself what you’re not happy about – something they are doing? Something they are not doing?

How much will my divorce case cost?

What needs to happen for it to be put right? What do you need from your solicitor?

Check you have realistic expectations – check their terms of business, speak to someone who can tell you whether your expectations are realistic – e.g. a divorced friend, divorce coach/consultant etc.

I didn’t marry him and it was the best decision of my life!


Think carefully about your state of mind. Perhaps you are being a little bit impatient or feeling anxious because of the emotional aspect of the divorce rather than the solicitor’s work?

Tell your solicitor how you feel in a constructive way. Be clear about your concerns and what you need from them – be solution-focused.

Divorce and legal advice – what you need to know

Give them the chance to put it right. They may not have realised you were not happy with the service until you raised it with them.

Know you can change solicitor at any time. BUT be very sure it’s the right decision because there is a risk of a change in lawyer creating some delay in the progress of your case (whilst your file of papers is transferred and you instruct the new person) and additional costs for you (as the new person gets up to speed on your case).

Everything you need to know about the divorce process

Don’t be unhappy and do nothing about it. That’s not going to help you or your solicitor. You need to work together efficiently.

Written by Rhiannon Ford – Divorce Consultant – Contact her here – Rhiannon features in The Hug Directory

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