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Welcome to The Group Hug, and thank you for joining our community. Everyone is of value. Some members are just starting out on their difficult life journey while others are midway through, or hoping that they are nearing the end of the process. There are also those who are exploring what the uncoupling journey could look like.

We are here to make you feel better if you are down and to celebrate with you when you have good and positive news to share.

What’s important is that you participate in the community; tell us what you are going through, good or bad, so that everyone can draw something from your experience. Do you have advice for someone or do you need support for yourself?

Maybe you want some advice on how to start dating again; perhaps the prospect of having sex with someone new after a long marriage terrifies you or you want to know how to revert your name back to your maiden name.. whatever it is, just ask the question in The Group Hug Forum

Now, this is the important part: You can post ANONYMOUSLY in our forum which means that everyone can be really open and honest; all you need to do is register, choose your own “posting name” and join in the chat. You will see the different topics.

The Forum

Our main message to those facing separation, divorce, bereavement and other difficult times, is that social media such as Facebook is NOT the place to have conversations about delicate issues such as your divorce, your ex, children or how much you hate your mother-in-law. Your picture is out there for all to see and even in a “closed” Facebook group, no one can know who is watching. Did you know that your social media posts can end up as evidence in court?

Being lonely, loneliness and wellbeing

I was really annoyed with many of my so called “friends”.  I was no longer invited to dinner parties or family Barbeques with my children as I was not in a “couple”. It was time to do something about it and that’s when I set up The Group Hug back in 2017″

Alison – Founder

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Do you need a Group Hug?

The Group Hug website is all about giving men and women a voice through whatever challenges they are facing; somewhere to share experiences and ask for advice. And when you are through the tough times, let’s support each other to start an amazing brand new life.

  • Maybe you are getting married again?
  • Want to start dating?
  • Has a change in life left you needing a larger income so you need a career change?
  • Is your mind boggling with applying for benefits?
  • Looking for a singles holiday?
  • Maybe you are a parent suffering from “empty nest” because your children have gone off to Uni.
  • Want some tips on how to make some new friends?

Whatever you are going through, join us for a Group Hug.

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