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The physics exam in 2022

For two whole years the physics GSE was not held at all due to epidemiological restrictions. This gave many graduates a reason (and an opportunity) to relax, but representatives of the Ministry of Education assure that in 2022 students will still get to what awaits ninth-graders there?

The 2022 version is very different from the exam that ninth-graders took in 2019.

The compilers of the physics PSE have changed the text assignments in the exam version: instead of problems with one correct answer, graduates are now offered for multiple choice.
Task number 17 has been expanded to include a greater number of measurements. It tests the students' ability to a) make indirect measurements of physical quantities and b) present experimental results in the form of tables, diagrams, or schematic drawings and draw conclusions from the experimental data obtained.
The number of extended-answer tasks has increased: another qualitative task has been added.
The exam also includes tasks for determining and predicting the results of experiments and explanations to them, which helps check the ability of examinees to apply their knowledge in practice.
The maximum score that can be obtained for the completed work has increased from 43 to 45 points.
What else do I need to know?
Also for high-quality preparation and successful passing of the USE graduates need to familiarize themselves with the conditions of the examination and the basic information on the exam.

The physics GCSE consists of 25 assignments, which take 3 hours (180 minutes) to complete.
More than half of the questions are solved with, and of the exam variant - with a brief answer (18), the remaining 7 involve an extended answer.
The CMM contains 15 questions of basic level of complexity, 7 - advanced and 3 - high. Thus, every graduate will be able to achieve the minimum score for the exam.
The use of additional materials during the exam is permitted (but only those specified in the CMM).
The minimum score for the work is 11 and the maximum is 45.
The passing score is 30.

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