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Patricia Rodriguez
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44 Amazing Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students


As a college student, your professors expect a lot from you. Your academic work must be professionally written like an essay writer, with no errors, no plagiarism, and submitted within the deadline. All of this can be harmful to your mental health. What is more important: a good grade or mental health? The mental health of course but there is a way to get a high grade while staying stress-free.


Definition persuasive essays

In this form of academic writing, you are expected to form an opinion and convince a neutral reader why your stance is right. You must cite credible evidence to support your claim and if possible, acknowledge the stance of the opposition. If you discuss the opposition opinion, you must also refute it with evidence. Your essay should be free of any errors, and for that, you can contact online writing services and tell them to “write my paper". These services can write your essay from scratch or improve the one that you send them.


Persuasive Essay Topics and Guidelines


How to Write your Persuasive Essays

 On a blank word document, start with an introduction that defines the important terms, provides a brief history, includes a hook, and ends with a thesis statement. In your persuasive essay, the thesis statement is very important because it informs the reader of what your stance is and why you believe you are right. Follow your introduction with body paragraphs where essay writer defend your stance and provide examples and evidence to support your claim. You finally end your paper with a conclusion where you state your thesis again and summarize your paper.



44 random Persuasive essay topics:

Here are some persuasive essay topics you can choose from: 



  •   Should school uniforms are strictly implemented?
  •   Should sex education be taught in primary school?
  •   Should the school curriculum be modified?
  •   Should schools pass out participation trophies?
  •   Is getting a college degree worth it?
  •   Should schools shift permanently to online learning?
  •   Should teachers be allowed to scold their students?
  •   Should moral values be taught at school?
  •   Does providing nutritious food in schools make economic sense?
  •   Should bullying result in immediate expulsion?
  •   Should all schools teach a foreign language?



  •   Is global warming a serious threat?
  •   Is solar power the best renewable energy source?
  •   Nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuels
  •   How can the USA decrease pollution?
  •   What can I personally do to decrease global warming?
  •   Is water pollution a real threat?
  •   Is air pollution a real threat?
  •   Can recycle help decrease pollution?
  •   Is pollution related to overpopulation?
  •   Can a good public transport system help decrease pollution?
  •   Is deforestation the largest contributor to floods?



  •   Are smartphones the best technology of the 21st century?
  •   Which technology has contributed most to development?
  •   Should kids be given smartphones?
  •   Are there more advantages of smartphones than drawbacks?
  •   Is the internet more useful or harmful?
  •   Is online dating worth it?
  •   Is cyberbullying a big problem?
  •   Should the internet be government-regulated?
  •   Ways to stop identity theft online
  •   Which smartphone brand is the most reliable?
  •   Cloning should be forbidden.



  •   Vaccinations should be mandatory
  •   Marijuana should be legalized
  •   Should alcohol be banned in the US?
  •   Where is the limit of freedom of speech?
  •   Should cellphones be allowed in schools?
  •   Should you raise your kid as gender-neutral?
  •   Should plastic bottles be immediately banned?
  •   Is domestic violence ever justified?
  •   Should zoos be banned?
  •   Is eating meat morally wrong?
  •   Should the usage of pesticides be banned?


If you are to choose a topic randomly, go with an easy one. If you are provided with a topic, convert it into a question and answer it in a rough document. Use google scholar to find evidence. If this is all overwhelming for you, contact online essay writers and tell them to "write my essay”. Surely, they can write an effective essay for you in a limited time.



Persuasive essays are easy to write. Analyze the topic and quickly make a ‘for’ and ‘against’ list. Whichever side has more points in your opinion, choose it and make an outline. If you are confused, contact essay writing service.


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