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Amazing Benefits of Cranberry



Blood Pressure: It has been studied that Lactoberry Cranberry contains flavonoids and procyanidins which may help lower high blood pressure or hypertension. There have also been no adverse effects noted in clinical trials with blood pressure lowering taken with cranberry juice. Heart Disease: Many herbs have been proven to aid in the prevention or reduction of heart disease, including hawthorn, and red clover. As cranberry has also been shown to be effective against heart disease, it may prevent the development of heart disease in high risk individuals. Also, women who are at risk of heart disease have found that taking collagen type one and three extract has helped lower their blood pressure.


Diabetes: Some studies have also indicated that cranberry herbal supplement may help lower blood sugar levels. Also, this compound has been found to help fight against bacteria which causes diarrhea in people with diabetes. Alzheimer's Disease: This disease affects the brain and is the cause of dementia in many people. Cranberry extract has been found to help prevent and protect against the progression of Alzheimer's Disease in older adults. Studies have also indicated that Alzheimer's Disease may be partially prevented by the anti-oxidant properties of cranberry.


Stroke: This is yet another condition which has shown an increase in strokes occurring mostly in older adults. However, there is still much more research to be done on the relationship between chewable tablets vitamins supplements and stroke. Also, another disease that has been recently found to be associated with cranberry is diabetic ketoacidosis. With all of this in mind, the potential benefit of cranberry appears to be very real.


The health benefits of cranberry herbal extract have been understood for quite some time. The American Herbalists Association and the Royal Society of Medicine in the United Kingdom recognize the anti-oxidant properties of cranberry (also known as mullein) in LLAP medicines and formulas as far back as 1834. More recently, studies have been conducted to determine the anti-cancer and other benefits of cranberry herbal extract. What is emerging is that cranberry has many more health benefits than was originally thought. Here are just a few.


Hypertension: This is a disease that many people don't even think about being linked to how to cleanse urinary tract. However, it has been found that hypertension can be caused by vitamin D deficiency. It also suggests that taking this supplement could help control high blood pressure. Heart Disease: This is also a disease that seems to be increasingly linked with nutrition. Research has also suggested that there is a relationship between heart disease and hypertension. The logic behind this is that higher blood pressure raises the heart rate and causes fainting.


As with any collagen 10 grams or food product, always check with your doctor before taking anything. If you have any questions or concerns, check with your doctor for any side effects or risks. With so many diseases around us and so many lives affected by them, taking a small extra dose of cranberry is a smart move. For optimal health, take extra cranberry daily.

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