South Shields

South Shields is a small coastal town at the mouth of the River Tyne,  with beaches and sand dunes, offering a great lifestyle to those who live and visit. The Magnesian Limestone Cliffs are managed by the National Trust and are protected. Historically is was part of County Durham.

Are you thinking about relocating with your child?

Marsden in south Shields has lovely cliff top walks

Things to see and do in South Shields

Westoe Village – Catherine Cookson fans will recognise the village as its 1st grade and 2nd grade Georgian and Victorian homes feature in her novels.

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park – Step back in time and experience a real old fashions amusement park with rides, arcade games, stalls and more. (NE33 2LD)

Other people going through tough times are waiting to hear from in the chatroom

South Shields Surf School – it’s now or never! Learn how to surf or stand up on a paddle board. Lessons for all ages and abilities. (NE33 3NG)

Arbeia Roman Fort – Learn how the Romans built Hadrians Wall. (NE33 2BB)

Relationships; is the grass always greener on the other side?

Are you looking for support from a family solicitor? We have found the following in the local area

Hannays Solicitors And Advocates – “Hannays Solicitors and Advocates is a well-known law firm in South Tyneside as we have been working for a long time. We can trace the roots of our firm back to the 1890’s in South Shields”. – 19 Beach Rd, South Shields NE33 2QA

David Gray Solicitors LLP-“ David Gray Solicitors LLP has cemented its long-standing reputation for quality, and as a leader within the legal services market, with top-tier classification in both the Chambers UK Directory and the Legal 500 Directory”. – 142 Fowler St, South Shields NE33 1PZ

Tallintire Aileen – “Aileen Tallintire are a firm of solicitors based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear”. – Prince Georg Square, South Shields NE33 2BE

Marshall Hall Levy – “The name of Marshall Hall Levy has existed in South Shields for over 160 years. The practice has developed and maintained an excellent reputation in the area. The firm is currently constituted as a sole practitioner legal practice”.   63-67 Fowler St, South Shields NE33 1NS

Divorce and splitting assets

Everyone has to move forwards and it could be that the family home has to be sold to create two new separate homes. House buying and selling is stressful enough, but add that to a separation and blood pressure levels are likely to go through the roof! All parties are anxious and afraid about how the future is going to pan out. Assets have to be split; furniture, family heirlooms. Everything right down to who is going to have the cutlery. 

See The Group Hug in the media

It’s an extremely tough period in even the most resilient person’s life; it is certainly not weak to ask for professional help if required. In fact, maybe everyone should get counselling or coaching through this most horrendous time, to keep their feet on the ground. Tempers are frayed and small issues can become ginormous.

How will divorce affect my child?

Divorce can have profound impacts on children or young adults. Whether you are divorcing with a toddler, 1, 2 or 3 kids it’s unlikely to be easy for you or them. Key questions such as who keeps the house (or whether you sell it and move) and how amicable the split is become more complicated once children are involved.

Should we stay together for the kids?

This is the question some parents find crosses their mind as their marriage comes to an end. Others realise that divorce or permanent separation is the only solution. 

As proceedings kick-in, whether you are dealing with a vexatious litigant or are able to calmly hit the mediators’ office, all parents have worries including living arrangements, child custody plans and how the children will deal with the divorce.

The Top Ten financial mistakes women make in divorce

How will I deal with the children and the divorce?

Mums and Dads who experienced a childhood where their own parents were together can feel that they are letting their own offspring down. They can feel that they have failed as parents. Research says that all children deal with divorce in different ways, but for sure, as it is for adults, the first year is extremely difficult as everyone is forced to adjust to a new way of living. Some children bounce back quicker than others.

People who have been through the process talk about turning to alcohol, cigarettes or serial dating for sex, as a crutch to get them through. Working with a therapist can help people to understand that what is happening right now is not going to last forever. It is just a phase in life and part of the journey to arrive in a better place. Read the rest of this blog here

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