Book recommendations – Narcissists

The Empathy Trap – Understanding Antisocial Behaviours

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This slim paperback is not only good for slipping into your handbag for reference, but its also a good starter manual as far as sociopaths are concerned. It might be a light book, but it‘s packed with information presented in an easy to read and informal way. It’s great for flicking through on your commute or referring to over a cuppa.

A must buy.

The empathy trap
Dr Jane McGregor and Tim McGregor

When Love is a Lie

Author Zari says

I speak in great detail about my own relationship experience”.

Zari Ballard

This book is very well written and it’s great to hear from someone who has been through a relationship with a Narcissist. Zari has a couple of other books which complement this one.

when love is a lie
Zari Ballard

The companion books are;

Stop Spinning, Start Breathing

This book was written as a guide to help to recover after Narcissistic Abuse.

stop spinning, start breathing
Zari Ballard

Narcissist Free.

A book which reveals the best way to go ‘No-Contact – which is the key to recovery.

narcissist free
Zari Ballard

When Evil is a Pretty Face

So much is written referring to the Narcissist as a Male, yet many perpetrators have been Mothers or Female Bosses.

when evil is a pretty face
Zari Ballard

Narcissists Exposed

This is an amazing little book which contains the 75 things Narcissists don’t want you to know.

narcissits exposed
Drew Keys

Psychopath Free

This book is really handy for the whole dating scene as it has a “Do you know a psychopath” test in the back. Anyone who has ever dated a Narcissist will know, it takes a while even after they have gone, to understand that it wasn’t you who was the Sociopath. Many Narcissist daters spend time testing themselves thinking “Is it me?”

A great read with more in-depth information into the psychology.

pyschopath free
Jackson MacKenzie

Confessions of a Sociopath

This was on the top sellers lists during the summer. We picked up a copy at the airport. The author is a high-functioning, non-criminal sociopath. She writes her memoirs honestly about a life spent trying to blend in with normal society. A fascinating read for those wanting to see through the eyes of the narcissist.

confessions of a sociopath
M. E. Thomas

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