Better relationship with yourself.

6 ways to improve your relationship with yourself

There’s an idea that it’s easy to dislike ourselves due to us getting bored of ourselves, after all it’s the one person we are with 24/7. We have to listen to our own same stories, have our own same thoughts and opinions etc. which might be why it’s so easy to beat ourselves up. This is why it’s important to remember to self-love, because although we can get bored of ourselves, it’s the one person we know we can always trust. If you use these ways to improve your relationship with yourself then it should help you get a better self-image, and self-love will become more natural.

1. Keep healthy

We often beat ourselves up most when we’re down in the dumps. Keeping healthy whether it’s through exercise, diet or just getting more fresh air can help you keep a clear mind as well as let off some positive hormones, all of which will help improve your mood and self- confidence. Keeping healthy will also improve you physically which will help your self-image.

Better relationship with yourself

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2. Improve on a skill

Beginning to learn or improve on a skill will help you feel more productive as well as begin to feel proud of yourself in what you accomplish in the skill. Learning a skill is the perfect way of getting lots of these small accomplishments, all of which help you gain pride in yourself.

3. Stop self-hate

It’s easy to get negative thoughts towards yourself, after all you are your own worst critic. It’s important when these thoughts of disliking something about yourself come up that we quickly change the subject of these thoughts. Immediately distract yourself from the self-hate, if not it will only send you down a spiral.

Better relationship with yourself

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4. Care about others

Often self-hate can come from how we think other people view us, once you find a flaw, it’s often easy to assume everyone else thinks it. Caring about other people helps you realise that you never see them for their flaws because you care about them and how they feel more than anything. Realising this is a big step to realising people feel the exact same way about you.

5. Establish more independence

Being independent can massively help with self-confidence as you can trust in yourself to do things on your own. One of the first steps of establishing independence is to make more of your own decisions instead of asking for other people’s opinions on situations. I personally found spending less time on my phone made me rely on myself more instead of messaging someone for help.

A better relationship with yourself

6. Treat yourself

Finally, one other way to improve your self-love is to focus more on self-care. Being selfish is seen as such a negative and if done too much and at bad times then it can be, but a lot of the time it is important to put yourself first. Sometimes instead of doing stuff for others, relax and do what you like to do, you deserve it. All you have to do is believe you deserve it.

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Written by Group Hug Community Moderator Archie Hartridge

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